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Do you want a career that allows you to help others? If the answer is yes, so you’re at the right place. At CareHealthJobsare, we provide more than 186 of words to say good job, if you have the skills it's needed, don’t be afraid to tak View more

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What is another word for "good job"?

Posted: (11 days ago) Synonyms for good job include great job, awesome, perfect, awesome work, good work, right on, great work, nice job, nice work and fine job. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

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100 Appreciation Messages For Good Work - Well Done Quotes

Posted: (11 days ago) Appreciation Messages for Good Work: Expressing gratitude is not only the right manner but also improves the professional and personal relationship between two people.Helping each other and appreciate the excellent work makes the workplace environment better. When someone does something good at work, please don’t be too late to express your gratitude and appreciate their good work.

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GOOD JOB! 48 Fantastic Ways to Say Good Job! - ESL Forums

Posted: (7 days ago)

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100 Powerful Ways to Say GOOD JOB in English - ESLBuzz ...

Posted: (12 days ago) Ways to Say GOOD JOB or VERY GOOD. Here is the list of 100 alternative phrases to say instead of good job or very good: You’re on the right track now! You’ve got it made. That’s right! That’s good. I’m very proud of you. You’re really working hard today. You are very good at that.

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Why It Pays to Praise: 40 Ways to Say ‘Good Job’

Posted: (13 days ago) “Having you on the team makes a huge difference.”“You always find a way to get it done – and done well!”“It’s really admirable how you always see projects through from conception to completion.”“Thank you for always speaking up in team meetings and providing a unique perspective.”“Your efforts at strengthening our culture have not gone unnoticed.”“Fantastic work!”“Even when the going gets tough, you continue to have the best attitude!”“It’s amazing how you always help new employees get up to speed.”“Wow! Just when I thought your work couldn’t get any better!”“Your work ethic speaks for itself.”See full list on progressivewomensleadership.com

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40 Thoughtful Messages To Show Appreciation For Good Work

Posted: (12 days ago) Be proud of the fact that you have the power to rise above any situation and deliver the best results … To be honest, I don’t know how you manage to do such a good job every single time. Very well done!You continue to exceed every expectation that we set. Great job.The way you handled the project showed resilience, experience, knowledge, and critical thinking. … Your work will bring a lot of insights into solving our next problem.Your level of quality work remains unprecedented in our organization.We are fortunate to be able to witness and work amongst an industry expert such as you.Thank you for your tremendous help in our new project. Without your diligence, hard work, late … We are fortunate to have an innovator like you amongst us.Great work on the recent project. Your brilliant problem-solving skills helped us to reach our targets … See full list on blog.vantagecircle.com

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Surrounding Issue of Words To Say Good Job

What does a good job mean?

"Good job" would generally refer more to the successful outcome of the task, although it could also refer to the quality of the effort. "Good work" would refer more to the quality of the work that went into it, but would normally be said (at least without qualifications), about a successful endeavor.

What does great job mean?

A great job is a job in which you believe your boss cares about your development, you can use your strengths every day at work, and you believe your work makes a contribution to something. So your job matters and, subsequently, your life matters.

What is another word for "great job"?

Need synonyms for good job? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Interjection. An exclamation of praise or endorsement of an achievement. great job. awesome. perfect. awesome work. good work.

What does good work mean?

good works. Acts, actions, or efforts that are charitable, generous, kind, or philanthropic. Thanks to the good works of volunteers like Sarah, our organization has been able to reach out to thousands of families in need across the state. See also: good, work.

50 Ways to Say "Good Job" (Without Saying "Good Job")

Posted: (8 days ago) Aug 13, 2012  · 50 Ways to Say “Good Job” (Without Saying “Good Job”) There was a time when parents were told to praise their child’s every move as a way of building their self-esteem. Not knowing exactly how to do this, many parents resorted to the phrase “good job.”

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30 Unique Ways to Say "Great Job!" - Appreciation Words ...

Posted: (13 days ago) Sep 16, 2020  · For a job well done Last but certainly not least—and in fact, most work will fall in this category—is work that delivers more than the minimum but is not quite out of this world. The goal here is to recognize that it is good work but you don’t want to muddle the feedback to sound like it could be one of the other two categories. Perfect!

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75 Example Ways to Say Farewell To a ... - Job Search | Indeed

Posted: (8 days ago) Apr 01, 2021  · Good luck with your new job. I know you’re going to do great.” ... “As much as I’m sad to say goodbye, I’m excited to be able to spend more time with my family. Who knows, they might get sick of me and ask me to go back to work! In all seriousness though, I will miss seeing all of your smiling faces. Keep in touch!”

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101 Ways to Say Good Job - Cornell Cooperative Extension

Posted: (8 days ago) 101 WAYS TO SAY “GOOD JOB” You’ve got it made! Sensational! You’re doing fine. Super! You’ve got your brain in gear today. Good thinking. That’s right! That’s better. Good going. That’s good! Excellent! Wonderful! You are very good at that. That was first class work. That’s a real work of art. Good work! That’s the best ever ...

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40 Best Congratulations Messages for a Job Well Done ...

Posted: (9 days ago) Congratulations on a job well done, and thank you for all that you’ve been doing for the company. #7 Congratulations on your job well done. Your efforts haven’t just reached the eyes of your co-workers, but mine as well. I appreciate your dedication, and I look forward to seeing your career flourish.

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12 Powerful Words to Use in An Interview | Indeed.com

Posted: (10 days ago) Dec 12, 2019  · Certain keywords can help you present yourself in a positive light to a prospective employer. They can guide and frame a conversation around vocabulary that is familiar to a job candidate and an interviewer. The best keywords are positive, hopeful and provide a way to describe your education, skills and experience.

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Good Job synonyms - 773 Words and Phrases for Good Job

Posted: (7 days ago) Another way to say Good Job? Synonyms for Good Job (other words and phrases for Good Job). ... Synonyms for Good job. 773 other terms for good job- words and phrases with similar meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples. thesaurus. words. phrases. idioms. Parts of speech. nouns. interjections. verbs. Tags. statement. compliment ...

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Genuine Ways To Give Praise For A "Good Job" | Dictionary.com

Posted: (9 days ago) Feb 04, 2021  · Sometimes "good job" isn't good enough. Instead, try one of these authentic responses to give someone the accolades they deserve for their achievements.

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100 Ways to Say Good Job - RewardCharts4Kids

Posted: (12 days ago) We have 100 different ways to say good job for you! A significant contribution; Absolutely Perfect! All Right! Amazing; Best yet. Better than ever! Bravo; Brilliant; Congratulations! It’s perfect! You got it right. Cool; Exactly right. Exactly! Excellent! Exceptional; Fabulous! Fantastic! First class; First class job; First class work; Good ...

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101 Appreciation Quotes for Good Work

Posted: (11 days ago) Nov 28, 2015  · You are doing a good job here, and I want you to know that your presence and work are acknowledged and they are helping us reach our targets and goals. With this success comes greater opportunities and challenges. Face it with the same zeal as you always have. Congratulations. Many see a job well done but few come forward with a word of ...

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Well Done Messages: Good Job Notes for Colleagues ...

Posted: (7 days ago) 27) Every time you do a good job, you polish yourself one more time. Shine on mate, well done. 28) The feeling of doing a good job is like burping in satisfaction after having the last spoon of dessert. Congratulations for your burp. 29) A lot of people wait for opportunities to come and knock on their door.

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100 Words of Encouragement 🙌😃 ️ Other ways to say Well ...

Posted: (9 days ago) Nov 06, 2018  · Keep up the good work! I knew you could do it! I couldn’t have done it better myself. That’s the way to do it!

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25 Alternatives to Saying"Good Job" - Picklebums

Posted: (7 days ago) Jul 21, 2020  · This list of things you can say instead of ‘Good Job” is not perfect, but it might help you get on the right track, and if you have these ideas in the back of your mind, it might help you find the right words in the moment. Say thank you when you mean it – …

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31 Good Job Quotes for Employees

Posted: (9 days ago) Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence. You are doing a good job here, and I want you to know that your presence and work are acknowledged and they are helping us reach our targets and goals. Today is a perfect day to tell you that no one could do a better job than the job you do!

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100 Good Goodbye Messages to Coworkers Leaving and Quotes ...

Posted: (9 days ago) Good luck with the rest of your story. #2 They say that all good things must come to an end, but I never expected having to say goodbye to such a great colleague and friend. I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors and know that you will excel beyond your expectations in your new job.

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135 Best Wishes For New Job and Congratulation Messages

Posted: (13 days ago) Congratulations on your new job. That is all that you are looking for. Now that you are at a new level, be thankful to God, and work hard. I trust you that you will give a …

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100 Ways to Say "Great Job!" - CASEY BURGESS, PH.D.


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25 Ways to Say "Keep Up The Good Work" 💪 & Meaning 🤓 ...

Posted: (12 days ago) Apr 18, 2021  · Ways to say ‘keep up the good work’ Here are some: Good job! Couldn’t have done it better myself You’re on the right track now! You’re doing a great job That’s coming along nicely Now you’ve got the hang of it! You made it look easy!

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Why You Should Stop Saying Good Job and What to Say Instead

Posted: (11 days ago) Aug 28, 2016  · This goes a lot farther than simply saying, “Good job on the monkey bars,” “Good job sharing your toys,” or “Good job in your race.” Each statement requires more thoughtfulness on the adult’s part to piece together more dynamic praise, but it effectively tells the child what they did well, and a strength that they showed.

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Teacher's Guide on 50 Different Ways to Say "Good Job!"

Posted: (7 days ago) 26. Good for you! 27. You should feel good about your work. 28. I couldn't have done any better myself. 29. I think if you do it once more, you'll have down pat. 30. Terrific job! 31. Great effort. 32. I enjoy teaching students like you. 33. That's the right way to do it. 34. Give yourself a pat on the back. 35. Good work! 36. That deserves a ...

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GOOD JOB! 48 Fantastic Ways to Say Good Job! - ESL Forums

Posted: (11 days ago) Mar 31, 2019  · GOOD JOB Synonym. Learn 48 synonyms for the phrase GOOD JOB in English.. You are magnificent. Wow! Way to go! Super! Super-Duper!! That’s incredible! Cool! Outstanding! Tremendous! Fantastic! Phenomenal.

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Congratulation Messages For New Job - American Greetings

Posted: (7 days ago) You obviously want your friend or co-worker to totally rock their new job, and here are a few ways to tell them this: Best of luck to you in your new job! Good luck to a good friend! With skills like yours, you don’t need luck — but good luck in your new job, anyway!

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Break the "Good Job" Habit with These 21 Alternatives ...

Posted: (7 days ago) "Hmm!" Smile and nod. That's right. Bite your lip if you have to. Just don't say it! Example: Child … Tell me about this! Example: Child has glued a yellow circle onto an orange piece of paper and … I can see that you_____. (describe what you see) Example: Child has scribbled with chalk on the … You look proud. Are you? I'm glad you_____. (describe the accomplishment) Example: Child chops … Describe + How did you do it? Example: Child presents you with a handwritten, hand-drawn, … Thank you! I appreciate_____. Example: Child gives you a love note in pictorial form - drawn for … Describe + I appreciate your hard work / effort. Example: Child loads dishwasher perfectly and … Your face looks happy! It feels so good to_____. Example: Child: asks you to watch him perform a … I am so happy for you because_____. Example: Child masters the monkey bars and she runs to … When you __________, I__________. Example: Child builds a very tall tower with blocks and asks … See full list on childoftheredwoods.com

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50 Positive character traits for the workplace | Monster.ca

Posted: (8 days ago) Adventurous: I take risks.Ambitious: I am driven to succeed.Approachable: I work well with others.Articulate: I can express myself well in front of groups.Autonomous: I use initiative.Calm: I stay levelheaded in a crisis.Charismatic: I can be a leader when need be.Cheerful: I develop a positive work environment.Clever: I can juggle multiple tasks.Competitive: I thrive under pressure.See full list on monster.ca

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Very Good Job synonyms - 98 Words and Phrases for Very ...

Posted: (9 days ago) Another way to say Very Good Job? Synonyms for Very Good Job (other words and phrases for Very Good Job). Log in. Synonyms for Very good job. 98 other terms for very good job- words and phrases with similar meaning. Lists. synonyms. antonyms. definitions. examples. thesaurus. phrases. idioms. Parts of speech.

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10 powerful phrases to tell your child instead of 'good job'

Posted: (9 days ago) Apr 24, 2018  · 10 powerful phrases to tell your child instead of 'good job' > 10 powerful phrases to tell your child instead of 'good job' ... Notice the L-O-N-G brush strokes across their painting and say something. Notice the colors they chose and tell them that's what you see. Pay attention to what they called upon to get through a tough moment and name it ...

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The Perfect Employee in 17 Simple Words

Posted: (12 days ago) Motivated. A motivated employee is likely to possess other qualities that make them the perfect … Humble. It's easy to find someone skilled, smart, talented and has a good resume, but a good … Dedicated. A dedicated employee is one who takes ownership of their role and the company as a … Consistent. I think consistency is underrated in the modern business world. There's a premium … Accountable. Perfect employees are responsible for themselves and others. They ask for help … Dependable. Talent only gets you so far. Being dependable means you complete tasks given on … Self-Manageable. I have found that the most powerful predictor of employee performance is the … Integrity. Entrepreneurs and startups require integrity. Integrity is founded on honesty, … Committed. I look for employees who are completely committed to their jobs, team members and … Passionate. I am a firm believer that you can always train for skill, but not for talent and passion. … See full list on linkedin.com

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What should I say for a great job? – Easierwithpractice.com

Posted: (11 days ago) May 18, 2020  · For a job well done. Perfect! Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. Wonderful, this is more than I expected. This is so great I don’t need to make any revisions to it at all. I appreciate your critical thinking around this project. Well done—and ahead of deadline too! You are such a …

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GOOD JOB Synonyms | 100 Ways to Say GOOD JOB in English ...

Posted: (9 days ago) GOOD JOB Synonyms | 100 Ways to Say GOOD JOB in English with Urdu “Good Job” is the word/phrase that is used when we want to appreciate someone’s effort. There was a time when people used to praise their children’s every move as a way of building their self-esteem and surprisingly they did not know exactly how to do this.

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72 Ways to Compliment a Child (Instead of saying “good job ...

Posted: (11 days ago) Mar 26, 2018  · No “good job” needed. 2. Offer a one-word summary. Once you practice with describing, start adding one-word summaries to your praise. You still describe the specific action, but now you are telling your child something about herself that she may not have known.

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Great Job synonyms - 502 Words and Phrases for Great Job ...

Posted: (10 days ago) Another way to say Great Job? Synonyms for Great Job (other words and phrases for Great Job) - Page 2. Log in. Synonyms for Great job. 502 other terms for great job- words and phrases with similar meaning. page 2. Lists. ... perfectly good job. n., ...

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53 words to describe yourself in an interview and on your ...

Posted: (12 days ago) Jun 22, 2020  · While the words you use to describe yourself can be extremely important, the old cliche of people remembering no what you say but how you make them feel rings true in your job search.

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Good job quotes - Congratulations quotes and wishes

Posted: (12 days ago) Good job! I always knew you that you have what it takes to be a real winner. Thanks for a great job. Thank you for being a hard worker We are grateful and appreciate your willingness to the extra work. This is a responsible task, but we have no doubt that emploee like you will meet the challenge.

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35 Appreciation Quotes for Boss/Managers

Posted: (9 days ago) A perfect employee is the one who inspires his boss as much as his boss inspires him… Thanks for … Thanks boss… For being a role model.A boss wants to pay for results; An employee wants recognition for effort. If a boss recognizes … Appreciation from a good boss is only something you can give.I love my boss.Boss: At work, You are the answer to all our problems and questions. Thank you for being our very … You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all.If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a … Thank you in appreciation of you and all that you do.When you eat fruit, Think of the person who planted the tree.See full list on thequotesmaster.com

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99 Powerful Ways to Say "GOOD JOB" in English | Good Job ...

Posted: (13 days ago) GOOD JOB Synonyms List! Learn 99 powerful words and phrases to say instead of "good job!" - https://7esl.com/ways-to-say-good-job/-----...

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35 Inspirational Job Quotes for Job Seekers

Posted: (7 days ago) 35 Inspirational Job Quotes. All our dreams can come true—. if we have the courage to pursue them. —Walt Disney. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. —Confucius. It's time to start living the life we've imagined. —Henry James.

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A Good Way to Say "I'd Be Perfect to Work for Your Job ...

Posted: (10 days ago) A Good Way to Say "I'd Be Perfect to Work for Your Job". The best way to tell an employer that you're perfect for a job is actually not to say it at all. Instead, show that you're perfect by demonstrating your skills, thoroughly researching the company, and conveying how important it is for you ...

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List of 201 Compliments to Say to a Friend, Coworker, or ...

Posted: (9 days ago) Compliments for a Spouse. A successful marriage is not judged by the house the couple is living in … Compliments for a Friend or Coworker. “I’ll be there for you.” This is the official anthem of friends. … Compliments for Your Employees. Just like your friends and partner, your employees or … Compliments for Parents. Our parents spend the better parts of their lives supporting us and lifting … Compliments for a Child. Children are sensitive by nature, and need regular doses of … Final Thoughts on This List of Compliments. Compliments are magical little words that go a long … See full list on happierhuman.com

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30 Good Resume Words to Include and Avoid

Posted: (7 days ago) Feb 22, 2021  · These words are particularly useful if you are applying for a job that involves managing, leading, teaching, or advising others. If possible, state the number of people you trained or mentored. For example, you might say, “Trained staff of 15 baristas to operate new cappuccino machine.”

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Ways To Say Good Job To Your Child, How To Say Good Job

Posted: (11 days ago) 75 Ways To Say "Good Job!" The best way to turn your child's behavior around is to give him positive feedback. Kid's respond wonderfully to positive words!! Here are a few ways that you can say "good job!" to your child. For a printable version, see our page of Postems.

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Resume Adjectives | 115 Strong Words to Describe Yourself

Posted: (7 days ago) Dec 25, 2019  · Why It’s Important to Use Resume Adjectives. Good adjectives for your resume set the tone for your application, and emphasize important information about your experience and/or skills.. Not only that, but descriptive words grab attention and make your resume memorable. That’s why strong resume words and professional adjectives are crucial to the success of your resume.

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10X: "Good Job" Alternatives | NAEYC

Posted: (9 days ago) Parents and teachers often say “good job” as an automatic response to a child’s action. “You ate all of your peas. Good job!” “You did a good job putting away the toys.” A “good job” now and then is fine, but it doesn’t help children understand why what they did was good.

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