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Posted: Saturday Oct 17, 2020

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9 best high-paying professions in Nigeria Legit.ng

Posted: (5 months ago) Healthcare . A medical doctor at work. In Nigeria, the respect that comes with being a medical doctor can never be underestimated. ... This job is more or less the dream job of many Nigerians as they get to live well compared to the meagre salaries being paid to people in other professions. 4. Airline operation. Black pilot. Being a pilot in ...

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Public health jobs in Nigeria 2017 Legit.ng

Posted: (5 months ago) Job classification: Medical/Health Jobs in Nigeria. General requirements: You should be able to politely provide a high-quality service to every patient regardless of personality traits, socioeconomic status, appearance, disability, national origin, race, age, gender, or religion;

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Three tiers of healthcare in Nigeria Legit.ng

Posted: (6 days ago) Three tiers of healthcare in Nigeria. As we know, Nigeria is a Federal Republic with 36 states plus Capital Territory. You can already guess that Nigerian health care system is organized around the federal structure of this country.

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Health problems in Nigeria and their solutions Legit.ng

Posted: (3 days ago) Healthcare in Nigeria. The healthcare in Nigeria has meager rates. The country has a mixed form of health care system, in which the public and private sectors of medical care are combined. The main range of qualified medical services is concentrated in private medical institutions. The primary health care in Nigeria is provided by public hospitals.

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10 best HMO in Nigeria Legit.ng

Posted: (2 days ago) READ ALSO: Public health care financing in Nigeria: which way forward 1. Hygeia HMO Limited. This organization was established 1986. It's one of top health insurance companies in Nigeria. According to the National Health Insurance Scheme, this company was licensed in 2005.

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20 Facts About Nigeria’s Health Sector Legit.ng

Posted: (3 days ago) The outgoing university VC said the health workers should work on their attitude towards their job. He said this will go a long way in improving the image of the sector. 17. A need for a robust health information management system “Every doctor should be ICT-complainant.” The professor of obstetrics said.

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Primary health care in Nigeria - challenges Legit.ng

Posted: (6 days ago) You will not find any health care system that can work without adequate personnel. Human resources form the very backbone of any health care system. But unfortunately, our primary health care is suffering from a lack of human resources. There are a lot of problems connected with - Poor job satisfaction; - Inter-Cadre Conflicts;

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Where can a microbiologist work in Nigeria Legit.ng

Posted: (1 days ago) READ ALSO: Top 10 free job posting sites in Nigeria. Other microbiology jobs in Nigeria. As it was already mentioned the microbiology jobs have a very high level of importance in Nigeria in the medical sphere. But not only healthcare establishments are using microbiology in their functioning.

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Top 20 best courses in Nigeria: Which is the best course ...

Posted: (4 days ago) Medicine is the most coveted health science course in the country because it is the most marketable course in Nigeria. This is because there is almost a 100 percent possibility of getting a job. Admission into medicine is the most competitive in Nigeria, and it requires getting very high marks in the UTME exams. The respect and prestige that ...

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Here is how to write an application letter for a job? (2020)

Posted: (4 days ago) People spend a significant amount of their time at work. That is why it is crucial to find a job that suits you well. When you finally decide on the job you want and the company you would like to work for, another thing that comes to mind is how to write an application letter for the job.

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