Healthcare Technician I / Free College Credit Opportunities

College/University Course Credits Savings. Davenport University. (Total Savings: $19,942) BIOL 115-Anatomy and Physiology w/ Human Disease. COMM 120-Presentation Techniques. HLTH 100-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. HLTH 110-Medical Terminology. HLTH 230-Health Care Law & Ethics. MEDA 259-Medical Office Applications.

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Healthcare Technician I / Instructors

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Mrs. Erin Hull. Mrs. Hull has experience as a Radiologic Technologist. She holds a master's degree in Workforce Education and Leadership from Western Michigan University and a bachelor’s degree in Public Health Education and Health Promotion from Central Michigan University. Phone: (517) 768-5283. Email: [email protected]jcisd.org.

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Dental Occupations / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Students will learn health industry foundational skills including medical terminology, CPR, first aid, anatomy, vital signs, patient care skills, ethics, and OSHA health care standards (with a focus on how the dental industry incorporates these standards). Opportunities to further build student leadership skills are also available through ...

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Healthcare Technician I / Overview

Posted: (0 seconds ago) T he health field continues to grow quickly, and there are numerous careers available for trained professionals. A student enrolled here will gain skills and knowledge that will remain valuable in college and throughout their career. As part of the Healthcare Technician programs, students can also participate in the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club and take part in local ...

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Skilled Trades - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Skilled trades provide an alternative to jobs that require four years of college education. While skilled trades can be separated into many areas such as manufacturing, technology, energy, and healthcare, they are generally divided into the following three categories: 1.

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JACC Student/Alumni Job Opportunities / Job Opportunities

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The Jackson Area Career Center Job Opportunities page is intended to help advertise local employment opportunities for current students and JACC alumni. The Jackson County Intermediate School District and The Jackson Area Career Center are not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, compliance with youth employment/child labor laws ...

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Adult Career Education / Welcome! - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) It is quick and easy through our Online system or by calling us. For up to date information on classes, events, and job opportunities; Follow us on Facebook! Contact Us. Office hours: Monday – Thursday. 3:00-8:00 pm. 517-990-8070. [email protected]jcisd.org.

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Healthcare Technician II / Overview

Posted: (0 seconds ago) S tudents who return for a second year in Healthcare Technician II can either prepare themselves to enter the workforce directly, or enhance their college experience with more exploration in the healthcare industry.. Second year classes are focused on advanced skills and are open to students who have successfully completed Healthcare Technician I or Dental Occupations.

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Jackson Area Career Center / Overview

Posted: (0 seconds ago) I t’s been said the Jackson Area Career Center is one of the most valuable resources for students in Jackson today – and we couldn’t agree more! At the Career Center, we offer students more than just exceptional career and technical education – we provide connections to community resources and local businesses, academic credit, and real-world training in each of our 21 dynamic programs.

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Healthcare Technician I / Success Indicators

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Success Indicators. Strong academic ability in Science, Reading and Writing: able to read and locate information from textbooks and technical materials that are written at a college level, with an emphasis on science and medical terminology. Basic math skills: fractions, …

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Adult Career Education / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jackson Area Career Center. Call for an appointment . Please call (517) 768-5100 for current office hours.

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Our Board - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Aug 08, 2018  · Marie began full-time employment in higher education when she was offered the Dean of Health Sciences position. Marie is a member of the Baker College System Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council and is a presenter of cultural conversation workshops within the Jackson community.

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Construction Trades - Site / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Construction Trades - Site / Overview. In this part of our Construction Trades program, second-year students get real world experience in construction as we build a beautiful custom home together. Our houses are located in the Three Forty Farms subdivision off South Jackson Road in Jackson, Michigan. You'll learn more as you visit our class ...

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Student Services / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Students can choose Career Center classes and develop plans for college and careers through the help of our experienced counseling staff. With a focus on the student’s complete success, they can also assist with financial aid, scholarships, health insurance, personal and crisis counseling, academic advising, time management/organization, and referrals to appropriate community agencies for ...

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Healthcare Technician II / Instructors

Posted: (0 seconds ago) In addition to four years of clinical experience as an RN, Mrs. Uphaus holds a bachelor’s degree in Audiology and Speech Sciences from MSU, a postBA in education from Spring Arbor University, and an Associate’s of Applied Science in Nursing from Jackson College.

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Free College Credit Opportunities / Overview

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Through our relationships with many colleges and universities, Career Center students may earn FREE articulated college credit in most of our programs. Several programs also offer the potential to earn industry level certifications. For more information on specific credit details, contact Dan Draper at 517-768-5222. If you are having trouble ...

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Transition to Work / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Live. •. T he Transition to Work program at the Career Center prepares students with employability skills for entry-level jobs. This program is designed to assist the student who is in need of vocational training, but not quite ready for an intense, multi-skill program. The goals for students in this program are to learn necessary, basic work ...

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Healthcare Technician I / Career Credentials & Certifications

Posted: (0 seconds ago) It is the policy of the Board of Education not to discriminate on the basis of Protected Classes in its educational programs and activities and employment.

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Programs / HomePage - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Programs. When you’re operating state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment, measuring up to the physical fitness standards of today’s firefighters, building a house with your own hands, or studying anatomy in one of the health science courses, you’ll see classes in our programs require focus, passion, and the true desire to be successful.

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Adult Career Education / Medical Office Assistant

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Medical Office Assistants are health professionals responsible for various medical office administrative tasks, from initial patient contact through final payment. They perform front office functions such as scheduling, communication (with healthcare professionals, patients and third-party payments), handling medical records, and financial ...

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Construction Trades / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported construction jobs will remain in high demand through the next several years. Students will be introduced to a wide variety of occupation areas related to new house construction and remodeling as they rotate through two areas of focus. They will explore the operation of heavy equipment, road ...

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Law Enforcement / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) I n Law Enforcement, all aspects of the criminal justice system including law enforcement, corrections, courts, probation, and 911 dispatching are covered. Lifelong values such as ethical behavior, community service, honesty, responsibility, and physical fitness are taught. Students will gain experience and knowledge to support college coursework and/or a career in the criminal justice field.

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Adult Career Education / Patient Care Technician

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Patient Care Technicians are health professionals who provide direct patient care within their regulated scope of practice. They perform basic nursing assistant tasks (as delegated by the nursing or medical staff) which may include obtaining patient vital signs and other data, and performing ECG’s and phlebotomy tasks. Instructors: Julie Cooper.

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Adult Career Education / Medical Assistant

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Medical Assistants must be knowledgeable and possess skills in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical law and ethics, pharmacology, and medical office administrative procedures. A Medical Assistant’s clinical skills include vital signs, phlebotomy, electrocardiography, point-of-care testing, medication administration, and more.

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About Us / Who we are - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Students can choose from a diverse panel of programs – each with an eye on growing industries and available jobs. All programs have certified instructors with practical, on-the-job experience to share with their students. Classes are a combination of academics and hands-on projects, creating a challenging and unique learning environment.

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Careers in Education / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) T he Careers in Education prepares students for college in the field of education as well as other careers working with children. The program explores many aspects of education, ranging from a historical perspective to modern day practices. In this class, students explore various careers in the field of education, including counseling, social work, special education, teaching, and teaching ...

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Computer IT - Networking / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) S tudents in Networking and Cyber Security will set up computer networks and prepare for various computer technician certifications. Special emphasis is also placed on the latest cyber-security protocols and the prevention of computer hacking. This class participates in student organization leadership events with Cyber Patriot.

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Firefighting/EMS / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Firefighting/EMS / Overview. YouTube. S tudents in this program will learn the academics, along with physical and employability skills, required for a career in firefighting and emergency medical services (EMS). This class will challenge the student both academically and physically. Being able to assess the emergency situation and make quick ...

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Visual Communications / Overview

Posted: (0 seconds ago) T he program introduces a broad spectrum of the Visual Communications industry, and provides students the opportunity to express their creativity and learn design and production techniques. The program will teach students how to apply their creativity toward viable career options. Visual Communications is a two year program where students will rotate among all three instructors.

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Culinary Arts / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The Career Center’s Culinary Arts program prepares students for success in a number of different food service settings. Students will learn the skills and action steps needed to manage real kitchen challenges. With the use of institutional kitchen equipment in the Changing Scenes Restaurant, students will prepare food from scratch and serve ...

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Adult Career Education / Medical Insurance & Coding Specialist

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Medical Insurance and Coding Specialists provide medical billing and coding services to physician’s offices and medical specialty practices. Insurance and Coding Specialists must be knowledgeable and possess skills in the areas of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic and procedural coding, insurance claims processing, and ...

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Precision Machining/CAM / Overview

Posted: (0 seconds ago) M anufacturing across the country is changing – and the change is creating many high-paying opportunities for skilled individuals, especially in the Jackson area! Much of the experienced manufacturing workforce is retiring – creating openings in high-paying jobs from mechanical engineers to machine operators.

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Sales & Marketing / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Organizations rely on a sales and marketing professional’s emotional intelligence and effectiveness in face-to-face interaction. The Sales and Marketing class is designed to prepare students for success in the workplace during and after high school. All students will benefit from the educational experience, regardless of career interest.

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College & Career Readiness / Work Based Learning

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Mr. Richards works with students and members of industry in the following programs: Agriscience, Automotive Collision Repair, Automotive Technology, Careers in Education, Construction, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Dental Occupations, Healthcare Technician I & II, Sales & Marketing, Transition to Work, and Visual Communications

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Adult Career Education / Paraprofessional Educator ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The ParaPro Assessment is a general aptitude test that is required in many states for paraprofessional certification. It also offers school districts an objective assessment of your foundation of knowledge and skills. Start now and take the necessary steps to become a teacher’s assistant. Cost. $75. ETS Website. www.parapro.ets.org.

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Healthcare Technician II / Success Indicators

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Success Indicators. Pre-requisite: Completion of Health Tech I with grade of 80% or higher. Employability skills: Excellent attendance, flexibility, able to work in groups and independently. Task planning, time management and organizational skills; average clerical skills; detail oriented. Ability to take initiative, adapt to change and stand ...

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Adult Career Education / Certified Nurse Aide

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Students will learn basic direct patient care skills and apply those in the laboratory and clinical settings. Certified Nurse Aides are always in demand with great job stability. According to the U.S. Labor Bureau, jobs for Certified Nurse Aides will grow 21 percent through 2022. Instructors Jeanne Armstrong, RN Felicia Baker, RN

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Automotive Technology / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) While automotive students are generally self motivated and mechanically inclined, they also need good math, reading, and science abilities to understand the auto technology material and manuals. Students will enjoy time working on vehicles in the lab, but also spend time …

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Engineering/PLTW / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The Engineering / Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum is designed to work in partnership with two pre-requisite programs taught in local schools: Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) and Principles of Engineering (POE). For students who complete these prerequisite courses or have instructor approval, the Career Center offers Digital ...

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Adult Career Education / Basic Life Support and Basic ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Basic Life Support and Basic First Aid. Become certified in Basic Life Support and AED or Basic First Aid through the American Heart Association in one 4 hour session for only $50. We will be offering this certification course periodically throughout the year, just call us for the next session date.

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Adult Career Education / GED Testing

Posted: (0 seconds ago) It is the policy of the Board of Education not to discriminate on the basis of Protected Classes in its educational programs and activities and employment.

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Computer IT - Programming / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Live. •. I n the Programming class, students will work both cooperatively and individually to create software, games, mobile apps, websites and smart gadgets (with Arduino). Students will use industry-standard languages (C#, SQL, Python, Java or C++) as they learn programming logic. First year students begin the year with guided instruction ...

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Automotive Collision Repair / Overview

Posted: (0 seconds ago) With that comes pride, ownership, and satisfaction in your trade. Jobs in the auto body industry can bring high wages, and positive reward. Once a student is proficient in the basic skills, more challenging tasks are taught, such as sectioning, welding fenders, dent repair, and paint refinishing. In this course, safety always comes first.

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Cosmetology / Overview - JCISD

Posted: (0 seconds ago) 0:00 / 0:37. Live. •. The two-year Cosmetology program provides students with theoretical education and hands-on experience to prepare for the State Board Exam. With hard work and dedication, students can become a licensed cosmetologist* by the time they finish high school. The two-year program at the Career Center includes training and ...

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Adult Career Education / Phlebotomy Technician

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The Phlebotomist must be knowledgeable and possess skills in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical law and ethics, infection control & safety, and more. Click on 'Register Online' to the left. $990.00 (payment plans available) with most supplies included. Students are required to cover the cost of disposable examination gloves ...

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Jackson County ISD awarded $500,000 behavioral health ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Aug 27, 2019  · As part of the Health Fund project, the Jackson County ISD and its partners will implement needs assessment and readiness planning and provide learning opportunities for Early Childhood staff. A Community School Engagement Specialist will be hired to screen and identify children who may need additional behavioral health support and partner with ...

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