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WebAug 1, 2023 · The secret to finding a primary care provider: Be flexible. Published August 1, 2023. People hunting for a new primary care …

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Working later in life can pay off in more than just income

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebJun 1, 2018 · The story for women is different. They weren't always in the labor force. But now we see employment rates rising for women at every age," says Nicole Maestas, an associate professor of health care policy …

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As the pandemic drags on, when can we get back to work?

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebApr 21, 2020 · Workers in healthcare settings (such as hospitals, medical practices, or nursing homes) with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 The guidelines allow discontinuation of isolation and returning to work once fever has resolved, symptoms have improved, and swab tests for the virus are negative twice at least 24 hours apart.

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Why is it so challenging to find a primary care physician?

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebSep 28, 2022 · An adequate supply of primary care physicians is essential for our health care system to function properly, but it's becoming more and more difficult to find one. Rates of burnout are high among PCPs, and …

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Time to hire a caregiver? 3 tips to help - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebAugust 9, 2021. By Heidi Godman, Executive Editor, Harvard Health Letter. Hiring caregivers to come into your home can be an effective way to continue living independently despite physical or cognitive challenges. Caregivers can assist you with a wide range of tasks, such as preparing meals, managing medications, helping your bathe or dress ...

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Doctor-patient communication: A shared responsibility

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebAug 1, 2007 · Your body is yours alone, but you share responsibility for your health with your doctor. It's true for healthy people, who should collaborate with their physicians to plan a program to prevent illness. And when people become ill, sharing is even more important.

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Is our healthcare system broken? - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebJul 13, 2021 · The US healthcare system is expensive, complicated, dysfunctional — and broken. The system needs a major overhaul, and …

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How to choose and guide your health care proxy

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebFeb 1, 2023 · Imagine the people in your life as workers in a company that takes care of you. The job of health care proxy or health surrogate — the person who’ll make health care decisions for you if you become unable …

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Why won't some health care workers get vaccinated?

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebFeb 17, 2021 · Nearly 40% of the COVID deaths in the US have occurred among residents of these facilities. Over 1,500 nursing home staff have …

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What’s it like to be a healthcare worker in a pandemic?

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Outside of work, people who have healthcare jobs have the same pandemic-related stressors as everyone else. On top of these worries come added challenges, including 1. the fear and uncertainty of a heightened risk of infection 2. worry that they may carry the COVID-19 coronavirus home … See more

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Telehealth: The advantages and disadvantages

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebOct 12, 2020 · Telehealth is defined as the delivery of health care services at a distance through the use of technology. It can include everything from conducting medical visits over the computer, to monitoring patients' vital …

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Keeping the human connection in medicine - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebDec 12, 2016 · The health care system strives to deliver better care while keeping costs down. Advances in medical science and technology mean there is ever more information for a doctor to know, and policies to curb waste have limited the amount of …

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Working with a disability - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebJan 6, 2019 · For those employers that don't have their own EAP, they can contact the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy, which offers resources — including best practices and innovative strategies — that support hiring and retaining employees with disabilities.

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6 self-care steps for a pandemic - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebApr 16, 2020 · Healthcare providers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic absolutely have to be functioning well in order to do their jobs well. At such a stressful time, with so much change and uncertainty, combined with the pressures of patient care during this pandemic, it almost seems like too much.

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How to handle stress at work - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebApr 17, 2019 · Working from your legs upward, systematically tense and relax each major muscle groups. Hold the tension for 10 seconds; release tension for 20 seconds. Each time you release muscle tension, think "relax" to yourself. This skill and many other relaxation strategies can help reduce symptoms of anxiety. Problem-solving.

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Health coaching is effective. Should you try it? - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebApr 8, 2020 · People tend to hire health coaches to help them with a broad variety of health issues, such as weight loss, stress reduction, the management of chronic conditions, improving diet and exercise, tobacco cessation, addiction, and adjusting to a life-altering health event, like a heart attack.

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Hope: Why it matters - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebJuly 16, 2021. By Adam P. Stern, MD, Contributor. From the tenuous bonds that connect us with one another to the ever-present vulnerability we share as humans in a chaotic world, our lives are forever saturated in the possibility of catastrophe. Bad things — often really tragic things like accidents, illness, and untimely death — happen to ...

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Learning to live well with a persistent illness - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebSep 14, 2020 · Health Alerts from Harvard Medical School. Get helpful tips and guidance for everything from fighting inflammation to finding the best diets for weight loss...from exercises to build a stronger core to advice on treating cataracts. PLUS, the latest news on medical advances and breakthroughs from Harvard Medical School experts.

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Creating recovery-friendly workplaces - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebDec 6, 2018 · Drawing inspiration from models like Supported Employment, an evidence-based intervention for individuals with serious mental illness, and recovery high schools, we describe five key features of a recovery-friendly workplace: Available counseling for scheduled and on-demand recovery support.

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Does HIPAA prohibit questions about vaccination? - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebAug 19, 2021 · a description of healthcare you have received; details about payments made for healthcare you've received. Here's what the privacy rule requires. Anyone who has access to your protected health information, such as healthcare providers, health insurers, or medical billing companies, must. make sure it's kept confidential

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Shift work can harm sleep and health: What helps?

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebFeb 28, 2023 · That's because shift work disrupts the body's normal alignment with the 24-hour sleep-wake cycle called the circadian rhythm. "People who work 9-to-5 shifts are typically awake when the sun is up, which is aligned with their body's internal circadian clock. But for shift workers, their work hours and sleep hours are misaligned with the …

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Staying in shape: A case of "use it or lose it" - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebBeyond losing exercise's immediate benefits — including sounder sleep and stress relief — the disadvantages of stopping become rapidly apparent. The phenomenon is called deconditioning, and it happens to both recreational exercisers and elite athletes. Certain factors influence how quickly you'll lose strength and endurance — including ...

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Will artificial intelligence replace doctors? - Harvard Health

Posted: (0 seconds ago) WebJun 1, 2023 · Everyone's talking about artificial intelligence, and how it may replace people in various jobs. Will artificial intelligence replace my doctor? A. Not in my lifetime, fortunately!

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