9 Changes You Can Make To Be Happier At Work

On job rotation. Every organization should encourage on the job rotation as this will help them to be more diversified. Rotating employees to work in different departments and providing different tasks will help not only the employee but also the employer by giving them a chance to acquire new skill sets and increase their knowledge.

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Expiration and Renewal Tracking Software | Expiration Reminder

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Expiration Reminder is the easiest, most powerful document expiration and renewal tracking software available. Track due dates for contracts, permits and licenses. Say bye-bye to Excel! Try Expiration Reminder free for 14 days!

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Great Employee Retention Strategies

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Healthcare / medical benefits. Medical insurance provides a worry-free environment to employees by catering to their health and safety needs. Medical benefits or insurance form one of the main factors for employees to stay at a job.

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Senior Accountant Job Description | Expiration Reminder

Posted: (0 seconds ago) The person in this position also keeps the accounting software for the company up to date as this is the master repository for determining the financial health of an organization. Several skills are required to carry out this job. Accounting understanding

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10 Effective Stress Management Techniques For Leaders

Posted: (0 seconds ago) 10 Effective Stress Management Techniques For Leaders. Leadership can take a toll on the best of us. No matter how strategically or how effectively you manage your business, at the end of the day, if you don’t learn to take care of yourself, you could be accelerating your stress levels.

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Customer Support Specialist Job Opening at Expiration ...

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, healthcare providers, schools, and more. And with a powerful suite of features that includes compliance rules, roadmaps, policy acknowledgement, document scanning and more that will help companies stay compliant.

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How to write a friendly reminder email

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22 Employee Incentive Ideas That Are Cheap To Implement

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Health and Fitness. If you can’t afford gym space, you can probably get a gym membership for deserving employees (and do make sure they work out!) Get a majority vote for the type of fitness they want and arrange a membership for yoga, strength or athletic training as needed. ... Send a company-wide “Great Job” email informing people of ...

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30 Employee Appreciation Messages That Boost Company Culture

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Great job there! Your strategic planning has helped us achieved double the expected ROI this year. We owe you a tempting bonus! Your ability to nip problems in the bud has helped us build better products and deliver excellent services to our valuable customers. Your contributions have made us way better today than we were years ago.

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How To Manage Stress At Work - Expiration Reminder

Posted: (0 seconds ago) How To Manage Stress At Work. Work and stress go hand in hand. In fact, more than 75% of adults have reported from medium to high levels of stress, anxiety and depression while at work. Globally, China has the highest stress levels at 86% while the United States was at 83%. From Australia to India, Russia to China, America to France, there is a dangerous rise of people burning out from ...

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10 Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty - Expiration Reminder

Posted: (0 seconds ago) 10 Ways to Increase Employee Loyalty. I have my personal thoughts on faithfulness especially when it comes to employee loyalty. It should not be expected in my opinion, but rather the company and its managers must both work hard to earn it.

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11 Inexpensive Perks to Boost Employee Morale

Posted: (0 seconds ago) One research study reviewing employment data and reviewing expert opinions was recently published in Forbes. In it they say, “In 2009 a sampling of lawyers earning an average of $148,000 a year were less satisfied (68 on a 0-to-100 job satisfaction scale) than a sampling of child care workers earning $23,500 a …

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Health Card Renewal Tracking Software | Expiration Reminder

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Expiration and renewal tracking software can help you track these dates and do the notifications for you in 15 minutes. Expiration Reminder is an expiration date management app that does more than just save you time on tracking. It also helps you improve communication, keep everyone on the same page, and grow your business.

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A Complete Guide to What Makes a Good Leader

Posted: (0 seconds ago) But the overall stress of work does tend to take a toll on one’s health. Especially if you are overloaded with work. A good leader isn’t afraid to delegate his workload to his team. They surround themselves with people they can rely on to get the job done all the while not having to worry about the efficiency and quality of work. Time ...

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How To Prevent Employees From Switching To The Competition

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Treat your employees with empathy and provide them with the flexibility that they need to balance their life and their job. Provide them with non-monetary incentives such as a workplace with leisure activities and amenities, a gym membership, a yoga-membership - anything that shows you care for their well-being and their health.

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How To Reduce Employee Turnover

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Avoid Hiring One Person to Do the Job of Three. Employee turnover happens when the job role is redundant, unclear or unjust. Asking one person to do the job of three is an example of being unjust, and though it is exciting for a new-comer, it eventually leads to …

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8 Tips To Improve Your People Management Skills

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Every organization is constantly making decisions. Decision making in an organization is selecting the right choices to achieve a goal. To perform efficiently and choose the best decision, the leader needs to be cooperative and supportive of his team members. Decision making is a key function in building a team and incorporating unique ideas which can have a positive outcome for the organization. The staff need to feel comfortable sharing their ideas or opinions. Good managers make them feel that they are …

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Expiration Reminder Terms of Service | Expiration Reminder

Posted: (0 seconds ago) You are solely responsible for ensuring that your communications and use of the service are appropriate, including that they satisfy privacy laws in your jurisdiction, including but not limited to health, education, and consumer privacy laws. Limitation of Liability

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Certification Tracking Software | Expiration Reminder

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Expiration Reminder is the easiest, most powerful employee certification and credentialing tracking software available. Track due dates for contracts, permits and licenses. Say bye-bye to Excel! Try Expiration Reminder free for 14 days!

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Everything you need to know to fire an employee

Posted: (0 seconds ago) In case you want human resources to be available in order to explain the employee’s rights regarding his health insurance, or similar matters, you may also have them attend the meeting. Arrange the meeting in some private place because it’s very likely that the firing …

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How To Develop A Strong Work Ethic In Your Team

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Create An Ethical Guidebook with Rules and Consequences for Breaking Rules. The best way to incorporate strong work ethics into your team is to have a rulebook or a guidebook ready. The book serves as a reminder of your ethical values and what you expect from your employees. In the long-run, the book also serves as a legal shield if you come ...

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9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Letting An Employee Go

Posted: (0 seconds ago) So before you let an employee go, get a review from your HR or from your legal team (especially if the employee is high profile). Make sure it isn’t a case of discrimination in any form as employees may use this to contend the decision. Could the employee assume that they are being terminated based on race, religion, sexual orientation ...

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