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the commands i run before going on vacation – dbatools

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Apr 28, 2017  · The year was 2009. The sun was out, Colbie Caillat was on the radio and I hadn’t mastered PowerShell yet, so I was left feeling frantic about the health of my SQL Server estate. Now, though, I’ve got dbatools which allows me to quickly check the …

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I ️ Invoke-DbaQuery – dbatools

Posted: (0 seconds ago) Jan 08, 2018  · Pétur Grétarsson, here. Long time dbatools fan, first time blogger. I really love the new Invoke-DbaQuery command and wanted to share how I use it.. I have well over 100 Availability Groups to look after in different domains so it can be a bit difficult to check things when needed.

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