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Personnel specialist - Wikipedia

Posted: (7 days ago) WebPersonnel specialist Personnel Specialist (abbreviated as PS) is a United States Navy occupational rating . Roles Personnel Specialists: Were established as a merger of …

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U.S. Navy Personnel Specialist Careers |

Posted: (7 days ago) WebAs a Personnel Specialist (PS), you’ll serve as a trusted source of information for your fellow Sailors as they advance their careers. Job responsibilities include: Providing counseling related to Navy …

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Posted: (12 days ago) WebPS MOS Job Detail Maintains military personnel financial records, including payroll, travel allowances, and reimbursements; performs related computations; prepares related …

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Personnel Specialist - Navy Enlisted Rating …

Posted: (11 days ago) WebOct 25, 2019 · Personnel specialists (PS) serve the U.S. Navy's enlisted personnel in ways that are similar to those of career counselors and human resources professionals. They provide information and counseling …

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Navy Personnel Specialist Rating - Navy Cyberspace

Posted: (9 days ago) WebSep 1, 2018 · The PS maintains and audits pay and personnel records of military personnel. They determine military allowances, travel entitlements, and deductions. They prepare the financial/accounting reports related to …

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PS - MyNavyHR

Posted: (13 days ago) WebGeneral Description Personnel Specialist (PS) provide enlisted personnel with information and counseling related to Navy occupations, opportunities for general education and job training,...

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Become a Navy PS: Personnel Specialist (2023) - Navy Enlisted …

Posted: (10 days ago) WebAug 3, 2023 · Job Description Personnel Specialists (PS) are Navy enlisted Sailors who manage the financial and service records of military personnel and provide customer …

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Navy Personnel Specialist Job Description - Career Trend

Posted: (13 days ago) WebJul 5, 2017 · The PS is one of the few jobs in the Navy that touches all the personnel in the command and almost all aspects of their Navy career. It requires great attention to detail, …

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Personnel Specialist (PS) Evals - Navy Writer


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Occupational Standards - MyNavyHR

Posted: (13 days ago) WebStandards are generally expressed in terms of task statements (duties and responsibilities) and they represent the abilities, skills, and knowledge needed to …

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U.S. Navy Yeoman Careers |

Posted: (10 days ago) WebYeomen (YN) are the Navy’s front office, handling all matters clerical and administrative for ships and personnel. There are two classifications of Yeoman depending on whether you …

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Navy Personnel Specialist Second Class Resume Example

Posted: (11 days ago) Web(555) 432-1000 [email protected] Summary Highly qualified and motivated Accountant with over 8 years of experience in military pay accounts, cash …

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Navy Enlisted Ratings (Job Descriptions) - LiveAbout

Posted: (10 days ago) WebSep 20, 2019 · PS—Personnel Specialists are like the human resources coordinators for the Navy, providing enlisted personnel with information and counseling about Navy …

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U.S. Navy Operations Specialist Careers |

Posted: (13 days ago) WebOperations Specialist. BACK TO CAREERS. Do you have what it takes to lead in the heart of Naval combat? As an Operations Specialist, you will serve as a supervisor and leader …

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U.S. Navy Logistics Specialist Careers|

Posted: (7 days ago) WebLogistics Specialists in the Navy Reserve serve in an Enlisted role. Before receiving the ongoing professional training that comes with the job, initial training requirements must …

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U.S. Navy Quartermaster Careers |

Posted: (12 days ago) WebQuartermaster. As a Quartermaster, you navigate the open seas to keep our mission on course. Specializing in maps, charts and oceanography, you will work up in the ship’s …

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Reading Together Unites Families - United States Navy

Posted: (7 days ago) WebFVAP. U.S. Navy Office of Information. Attn: US Navy. 1200 Navy Pentagon. Washington DC 20350-1200. Though sacrifices come with the military job description, it can be …

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