What To Expect As an MSL Pharmacist? – Salary, Opportunities, Pros and Cons

What To Expect As an MSL Pharmacist?
What To Expect As an MSL Pharmacist?

MSL pharmacists can earn $131,036 per year and even more than that. This blog will help you understand more about the MSL pharmacist job salary, opportunities, and other aspects. It’s better to understand what your expectations are so that you can be well-prepared.

MSL pharmacist salary

It’s true that the MSL pharmacist salary is super attractive. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for a Medical Science Liaison Pharmacist in the United States is $131,036 a year. The range typically falls between $111,500 and $163,00. This salary is higher than the average salary of many other non-clinical nursing jobs.

MSL pharmacists’ salary is offered high salaries due to their important role in medical firms and companies. The career also requires high degrees of education. According to the statistics of MSLS, 75% of current MSL professionals are holding Ph.D. and PharmD. Only less than 5% are holding bachelor and other degrees.

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Job outlook and opportunities

MSLs have been around since Upjohn Pharmaceuticals first introduced them in 1967. And their value to the companies that they work for has also grown since then. As a result, the MSL industry has experienced exponential growth.

Job outlook and opportunities
Job outlook and opportunities

According to a 2018 global MSL Society poll, 68% of managers intend to increase the size of their MSL teams during the next two years. This is a sign of increasing demand for MLS pharmacists in the medical labor market. As a result, the job opportunities for pharmacists are more open if they want to transition their job.  However, in comparison to other pharmaceutical sector vocations, the MSL community is still quite small.

Pros and cons of being an MSL pharmacist

For anyone who are interested in becoming an MSL pharmacist, here are the pros and cons of working in this field:

Work-life balance

People can expect to have a work-life balance when doing the MSL pharmacist jobs, although this depends on the seniority and policies of companies. Most MSLs confirmed that they have excellent schedule flexibility, remote work, and little to no weekend work.


The MSL pharmacist role requires a self-driven attitude. When you are able to manage the work and time, you will find time on your side. You can expect to have flexibility in the job.


Pharmacists who don’t want to spend all their time in the office or in the lab can choose to become MSL pharmacists because the job gives you a lot of travel opportunities. MSL pharmacists usually attend medical conferences, manage KOL relations, and train and support the Salesforce.

Though MSL pharmacist is a challenging and rewarding job, it also has negative aspects as follows.


MSL pharmacist can be quite a stressful job if you don’t have the ability to network and don’t know how to manage work and time.

Pros and cons of being an MSL pharmacist
Pros and cons of being an MSL pharmacist

Burnout is a real possibility when you can’t meet the weekly, monthly, and yearly KPIs. The work of MSL pharmacists also depends on the season, availability of KOLs, or territory. Like a chain, if the final result is failed, you also are responsible for it and disappointment is inevitable.


Travel can also be a negative aspect. Even though it is fun to see new places, traveling might be the most taxing part of the job. Some MSLs in the northeast are not happy with the job because they become trapped during the winter because of canceled flights. Employment contracts frequently contain clauses requiring a resident’s proximity to an airport. The balance between work and life may be difficult as a result.

Job stability

When a product loses its patent or sales decline, MSLs may get fired. Even while some could contend that job security is a potential drawback, this is not a major problem. The likelihood of finding employment as an MSL increases after 1-3 years of experience, reducing any potential period of unemployment.


The MSL position is widely sought after not only by pharmacists but also by PhDs, MDs, RNs, and other professionals. You will likely compete with persons who have experience in medical matters.


Besides high salary, the job has some visible positive advantages like flexibility, work-life balance, and travel opportunities. However, these advantages can turn into disadvantages due to other external factors or when MSL pharmacists don’t know how to control their work. If you see it is a good fit, check out MSL pharmacist jobs on Carehealthjobs and apply.