What Makes Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation An Ideal Job?

What Makes Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation An Ideal Job?
What Makes Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation An Ideal Job?

Can cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist position bring you job satisfaction? Job satisfaction is a combination of your responsibilities, good salary, relationship, career opportunities and other things that everyone desires. 5 things below will help you answer this question.

Helping patients with heart and lung diseases

Lifestyle changes can assist individuals with heart or lung disease to lower health risks and enhance quality of life. Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists are the ones who assist patients in better understanding and managing their health issues so that they can live longer and accomplish more. Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists responsibilities include:

  • Ascertain if the patient is aware of her ailment and treatment plan.
  • Explain when the patient can resume routine activities in a safe manner.
  • Identify any distinct risk factors for the patient’s health concerns, such as hypertension, smoking, a bad diet, or being overweight.
  • To lower health risks, suggest interventions such as medical treatments and lifestyle adjustments.
  • Encourage the patient to make important lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier meals, quitting smoking, and increasing physical activity.
  • Create and maintain a personalized exercise routine that is right for patients.
Helping patients with heart and lung diseases
Helping patients with heart and lung diseases

The cardiopulmonary rehabilitation job mainly focuses on education and training. Therefore, the job won’t bring you too much stress and pressure. Thanks to your guidance and positive support, patients will be able to improve diets, lose weight, reduce heart risks, and improve their life. You will see that you are doing such a meaningful job.

Having the ability to help their family members stay healthy

Thanks to their knowledge and experience in work, people who do the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation jobs, also have the ability to support their family members in health care, especially in reducing risks of heart and lung diseases.

Many healthcare professionals in other fields also register for a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation training program to learn about physical activity and healthy living, for example, learn how to eat healthy, how to quit smoking, how to relieve stress and improve mental health.

Getting high pay for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation jobs

According to ZipRecruiter, the annual pay for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation jobs is about $76,495 in March 2022. This means, a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialist earns above $6000 per month on average. Meanwhile, the top earners can make up to $99,000 yearly.

So, you can see that the salary for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists is comparatively high, which is equivalent to the salary of registered nurses. Meanwhile, they don’t have to spend too much time on bedside.

Good working conditions and relationships

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists can work in a variety of healthcare settings like hospitals, outpatient clinics and rehabilitation centers. They meet patients in an office, an examination room, or a supervised exercise facility.

Most working hours are standard business hours. Sometimes, they also have to visit patients on the weekends or in the evening for urgent examinations. But working overtime doesn’t happen regularly. 

Good working conditions and relationships
Good working conditions and relationships

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists work with other healthcare professionals. They discuss the treatment plans. They need communication and teamwork skills to bring the best outcomes for patients. As a result, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation specialists also have more connections in work. Their relationship with other colleges is also closer.

The outlook for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation jobs

There is an increase in the need for the exercise physiology field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, it is expected to grow by 13% in the period of 2020-2030. As the physical therapy field is also on the rise, there will be more job vacancies to apply for. People who work in this field are respected and have more job opportunities.


Perhaps, out of 5 things, having knowledge to help patients to recover from illness and diseases and to take care of your own family is the main value of doing the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation job. In case your family has a member, who unfortunately has a heart or lung problem, you certainly have more motivation to do this job. Overall, it is a good job with a well-paying salary to pursue.