Top 5 High Salary Non-Clinical Medical Jobs

Top 5 High Salary Non-Clinical Medical Jobs
Top 5 High Salary Non-Clinical Medical Jobs

When talking about medical jobs, you’ll normally think it involves blood and hospital. That isn’t the case for all medical professions. There are healthcare jobs that are considered non-clinical. You won’t be dealing with patients in a medical sense, yet still be putting your medical knowledge into good use.

Why you should choose a non-clinical medical job

Even though non-clinical jobs don’t require interacting with patients, or extensive medical training, it will work to your advantage if you’ve had previous experience in the related field and are quite tech savvy. Non-clinical roles are the essential individuals working behind the scenes, ensuring the hospital, healthcare facilities and clinic run smoothly.

This is great news for anyone who would like to work in the healthcare industry but don’t want to be tied down to long hours working environment and clinical settings. This way you can still make positive impacts on patients, and earn a great salary too!

1. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are people who help physicians keep records of patients and won’t have to be directly involved in the procedures. If you’re someone who’s detail oriented and are able to keep track of a large amount of documents and files, you’ll be perfect for this job. The medical histories are all stored online nowadays, so the job of a medical transcription is absolutely necessary.

Medical Transcriptionist
Medical Transcriptionist

Working as a medical transcriptionist, you will be listening to doctor’s audio recordings, write down their notes and upload them to the server for future access. Taking and keeping track of notes is vital in the healthcare industry, as they will help to identify the treatments that doctors have recommended and whether they work or not.

  • Salary: $42,000/ year

2. Rehabilitation Counsellor

Working as a rehab counsellor is great if you’re starting out your career in the care health career. It is an entry-level profession and has quite considerable earning potential. A rehab counsellor works with individuals and helps them become independent. They help patients cope with their personal, social, and vocational difficulties as well as overcoming them.

Rehab counsellors work treats birth defects, diseases, victims of accidents or those with severe mental illnesses. They also sometimes work in collaboration with other physicians to plan treatments and help patients become an active member of society.

  • Salary: $47,100/year
  • Career growth: 3.57%
 Rehabilitation Counsellor
Rehabilitation Counsellor

3. Medical Social Worker

Medical social workers work in hospitals and other health service institutions. They are the patient’s therapists and managers and would guide them through the treatments and care process. Many care for patients with long, ongoing procedures, even chronic illness. Though this profession can get demanding at times, but this job can be very rewarding as they’ll be guiding patients through

This non-clinical healthcare job can be very demanding, as they work with crisis and critical time. They counsel patients and their family with serious illness, disabilities or any issues that they might struggle with.

  • Salary: $61,000/year

4. Health information technician

Health information technicians (HITs) are people who take care of the electronic health records (EHRs). They keep records updated and ensure that patient’s EHRs are accurate and secure. They would also be involved in analysing data and outcomes. If you’re interested in research and analysis and are quite efficient in technology, you’d be suitable for the job.

  • Salary: $87,443
  • Career prospect: 21%
Health information technician
Health information technician

5. Medical coder

Medical coders are considered the translators of the healthcare industry. They are in charge of converting medical records and notes into designed codes so they can be billed by an insurance company. Since they’ll be working with discrete information and sensitive data, they not only need to be very detailed when coding, but also need to be well-versed in government regulations.

Although this might sound like an easy job, they are an absolute essential to keep healthcare providers financially in shape.

  • Salary: $66,999/ year
  • Career prospect: 20%

As well as blood-free medical jobs, there are many non-clinical medical professions for you to explore. Many of these jobs are entry level and have excellent earning potential, so try them out to see if it’s suitable for you.