Top 5 Entry Level Healthcare Management Jobs to Pursue This Year

Top 5 Entry Level Healthcare Management Jobs to Pursue This Year
Top 5 Entry Level Healthcare Management Jobs to Pursue This Year

Applying for entry-level healthcare management jobs is a good choice for anyone who wants to work in healthcare settings but doesn’t hold an academic degree in the medical field. There are some interesting positions with attractive salaries and not too many requirements. Learn more about those jobs from our list.

Medical administrative assistant job

If it’s not a doctor or a nurse what you want, you can choose to be a medical administrative assistant. Another name for this position is medical secretary.

Within their duties and responsibilities, medical administrative assistants schedule, handle payment billing, record their work, and communicate with patients. Medical administrative assistants must have knowledge of general medical terminology at office duties.

To become a medical administrative assistant, you are required to obtain a high-school diploma. If you have a medical receptionist certificate or an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, the job opportunity is more open to you. For sure, you can deal a high salary in comparison with a common rate for this job. According to the BLS, a medical administrative assistant earns an average of $36,800 to $41,100 per year.

Medical coding job

Medical coders translate medical diagnoses and procedures into the codes that insurance companies use for payment and reimbursement. These individuals work behind the scenes in a variety of healthcare settings, ensuring that all pertinent information is coded correctly to ensure consistency and accuracy. This job is related to more administrative management jobs

Medical coding job
Medical coding job

To become a medical coder, you have to complete accredited medical coding training and pass the Certified Professional Coder exam. Besides, the medical codes need to maintain their ongoing education and training during working time in the healthcare setting to get further career paths.

A medical coder can earn 55,923 per year, according to the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC). Many medical coders also have a higher general earnings potential, especially when they continue to work through their careers and gain more years of experience.

Entry-level healthcare sales management job

A medical sales representative sells medical supplies/services to patients. The job includes contacting potential customers, explaining the features and benefits of the service, answering questions about it, and negotiating the final deal. When working on entry-level sales management, you can lead a team of sales representatives, give training to new members, and ensure the stability of revenue for the healthcare clinics.

The entry-level sales representative is a good career because of the job opportunity for career growth, high salary, and a chance to become a senior sales manager in a few years. The average total sales representative is super high, about $92,698; bonuses are not included. Some share that they can earn $149,544 per year. This rate is higher than the salary of a healthcare chief information officer.

To work in medical sales management, sales representatives must have excellent negotiating skills, Awareness of recent developments, flexibility and adaptability to challenges, problem-solving skills, time management skills.

Entry-level healthcare financial management job

The entry-level healthcare financial managers are in charge of creating, reviewing, and reporting monetary statements for one department. At the entry level, they can’t handle all financial issues of the entire organization. Through the analysis, financial managers can give other senior managers advice on effective strategies to improve revenue.

Entry-level healthcare financial management job
Entry-level healthcare financial management job

To apply for an entry-level financial management job, you must obtain a four-year bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, statistics, economics, or business administration. It’s greater if you have some experience in financial management from any management trainee programs.

The salary ranges for healthcare financial management jobs are from $34,000 to $101,000 per year, according to the statistics of Ziprecruiter. The salary depends on job requirements and where you choose to work.

Health information technician job

If you don’t want to do the financial and sales management jobs, which have a lot of pressure, you can choose to work as a health information technician.

Health information technicians are responsible for overseeing, controlling, assessing, and evaluating the records of medical practice and healthcare facilities. Depending on your experience, the responsibilities for this position vary. Entry-level health information technicians, for example, begin by simply entering medical record data, whereas senior level technicians manage a team.

In the United States, the average annual salary for a health information technician is $43,675. Entry-level health information technology jobs require a postsecondary certificate or associate degree in coding, health information technology, medical transcription.

Final words

Above are 5 entry-level healthcare management jobs that you can refer to. Most management jobs are important for healthcare settings in order to cut costs, lower budgets, and increase the revenue as well as the quality of services. Make sure that you can find an entry-level position from a place that can offer you the highest potential for career growth.