SLP Hospital Jobs Pros and Cons: Is It Better Than Working at School?

SLP Hospital Jobs Pros and Cons

As an SLP, you can work at both hospitals and schools. Some prefer to work in the hospital. Some prefer to work for schools. This post focuses on the pros and cons when you do SLP hospital jobs. Perhaps, it can help you decide your working environment.

Pros of SLP hospital jobs

Continue reading to explore the advantages of working as SLP hospital jobs:

You have a more flexible schedule

When working for hospitals you will meet a lot of patients and have a more flexible schedule. For example, some hospitals allow you to come in early in the morning to see patients. And whenever you finish your day, you can leave. Moreover, you don’t need to stay there all the time.

All you have to do at the hospitals is to see the patients following the schedule of treatment, as long as you give them proper care. It’s up to you to decide on how many times of the week you meet the patients. Unlike working at schools, a working schedule is planned. Most schools have timetables for students/patients, so you have to be there as planned.

You have a more flexible schedule
You have a more flexible schedule

However, this is also a con for those who are lazy and less responsible for their work. And it can become a challenge for the hospitals. Because the SLPs have flexible time, they can get up very late in the morning, focus more on the cup of coffee, focus more on the books, or attend a conference instead of going to the hospital.

You can challenge yourself to learn more

When working for hospitals, you meet patients, for example, patients with throat, zinc cancer. So you are always on your feet to build a sturdy knowledge and experience by reading books, researching materials, and going to more different conferences. 

The hospital environment urges you to learn more to earn more. Many people like that kind of simulation because they always try to get more information. You are one-to-one with your patients and you communicate more with them then you will have some useful recommendations for doctors who are giving treatment.

You have more chances to reach the top of salary for SLPs

Though the average salary of SLP at hospitals and schools is the same if you work for hospitals, the chance to increase your income is more open. The top earnings for SLP Hospital jobs reach up to $132,500 per year. Meanwhile, the top earnings of school speech-language pathologists are only around $108,500 per year, according to the statistics of the Ziprecruiter website

Cons of SLP hospital jobs

On the other hand, the SLP hospital jobs also contain several drawbacks, and here are some main ones to put into consideration.

Working at the hospital is stressful

You will be working in an environment where there are such a lot of sick people around you. Employees there always have to witness painful situations like seeing someone passing away, seeing patients with injuries, blood, and much more. You may feel sad if you talk to a patient then you hear that they pass away on the next day. It’s such a weirdly sad feeling. If you are the kind of person who can’t bear painful bloody scenes, don’t choose to work at the hospital.

Working at the hospital is stressful
Working at the hospital is stressful

More procedures if there is something you want to change

As an SLP in a hospital, you may get involved in some nurses’ businesses and some nurses also get involved in your work. Whenever you receive an order from doctors and the order is not correct, you have to meet nurses to change the order. If you want to recommend something, make sure that they are put in your order to send to the nurses. 

An SLP has to communicate a lot with nurses. Sometimes, nurses don’t want to talk as they are very busy. So you should learn to communicate to get on well with other employees at the hospital.


It may take you a year to get used to working at the hospital. But when you get familiar with it, you would feel less stressed and have job satisfaction as speech-language pathologists. SLP Hospital Jobs are sometimes stressful yet interesting and there are a lot of things to learn, experience, and grow.