Public Health Inspector – The Job With Full Of Career Prospects

Holding a diploma in Medical Assistant gives you a lot of job opportunities in different fields, not just the medical field. Among the various promising jobs for Medical Assistants out there, public health inspector is the career that can bring you a decent income while enhancing your education and skillsets. In this article, we will dig deeper into the skills and knowledge required to become a public health inspector, as well as the outlook of this career.

Public Health Inspector
Public Health Inspector

Who Are They?

All public facilities and private businesses are required to comply with all health and safety regulations issued by the local and federal governments if they want to be eligible to operate. In order to ensure these facilities and businesses strictly follow the regulations, it is public health inspectors who are responsible for monitoring the operation of these businesses in terms of health and safety.

Besides, public health inspectors are also in charge of checking and identifying potential risks during food storage and preparation, as well as hazards related to the work environment and public spaces, from which to come up with appropriate solutions.

Where Do Public Health Inspectors Work?

Due to the nature of their jobs, public health inspectors don’t often work in the office. Instead, they spend the vast majority of their time commuting between different locations for inspection.

Instead of a comfortable office, as a public health inspector, you will need to get used to long drives and tight spaces. Locations that public health inspectors need to inspect are varied, including:

– Food-service operations

– Tattoo and piercing studios

– Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers

– Office buildings

– Manufacturing facilities

The work environment of public health inspectors isn’t completely fixed, which means they have to put a lot of effort into their work and may even encounter dangerous incidents.

Public Health Inspectors’ Responsibilities

In general, there are two main aspects that a public health inspector needs to check at any facility or business: food safety and hygiene, and the quality of the work environment. These are the main duties that every public health inspector needs to do on a day-to-day basis.

In terms of food safety and hygiene, the inspection process begins with an assessment of the refrigeration, storage spaces, as well as food handling and preparation. This is to ensure food is preserved and prepared safely and in compliance with health and safety regulations.

About the work environment, the top priority is to check equipment and chemical storage in order to prevent any potential risks or accidents. In addition, public health inspectors also need to carefully inspect sterilization techniques, especially with hospitals or tattoo/piercing studios, to avoid infections and blood-borne diseases.

Public Health Inspectors’ Responsibilities
Public Health Inspectors’ Responsibilities

How To Become A Public Health Inspector?

There are two ways to become a public health inspector: enroll in a formal degree program, or participate in an internship. Among them, getting a formal degree is the best option if you want to work as a professional public health inspector in local or state agencies.

In order to work in local or state agencies, candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree or at least a college degree. Certifications and degrees related to natural science majors such as physics, chemistry, health science, biology are prioritized.

You can also prepare for your career as a public health inspector early by participating in internships with public agencies or private organizations that offer relevant positions. This way, you will be able to gain professional experience, polish your resume, and have job opportunities after they graduate.

Sum Up

Based on the overall reports, by 2029, the career outlook of the public health inspector will continue to increase to approximately 4%, and public health inspector will still be an appealing option for years to come. If you are looking for a job outside of the traditional healthcare workplace that can help you ensure public safety while making a good living, public health inspector is definitely the ideal career path for you.