Prosthetist Salary: Is it a Good Job with High Pay to Pursue?

Prosthetist Salary: Is it a Good Job with High Pay to Pursue?
Prosthetist Salary: Is it a Good Job with High Pay to Pursue?

According to a convey by CareerExplorer, it turns out orthotists and prosthetists are below average when it comes to happiness. Is it true? Earning a high salary used to be considered one of the 4 pros when you become a prosthetist. Take a closer look at the Prosthetist’s Salary to find out the answer.

Overview of prosthetist salary

Prosthetist salary in the United States

According to, the average base salary for prosthetists in the United States is $83,785 per year in 2022, ranging from $69,431 to $98,284. It is higher than the 2021 Median Pay for Orthotists and Prosthetists by BLS tracking, which is only around $75,440 per year.

In Canada, the average annual salary for prosthetists is roughly $91,395 CAD ($70,000 USD). The lowest salary is $63,611, and the highest is $111,228 (highest), according to ERI Economic Research Institute. According to, a Prosthetist makes $92,395 AUD ($62,000 USD) per year or $47.38 per hour.

Compared to other related jobs, the average salary for prosthetists is lowerSome comparable jobs are Occupational therapists ($87,480), physical therapists ($91,680), podiatrists ($151,110) and physical therapist assistants ($59,440).

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Prosthetist salary by state

According to the statistics of BLS, we’ve identified 3 states where the typical salary for a Prosthetist job is above the national average and super high. Topping the list is Washington ($139,430), with Missouri ($126,490) and Mississippi ($109,270) close behind in second and third. The states that offer the lowest paying for prosthetists are Tenessee, Arizona, and Oklahoma.

Source: U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics
Source: U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics

For jobs in a profession, some states or regions pay more than others. Among the geographical factors influencing earnings is the cost of living and local demand for work.

Prosthetist salary by year of experience

Compensation for prosthetists also varies by years of experience. At the entry level with less than 1-year experience, prosthetists may earn around $41,730. Junior-level prosthetist earnings begin at $55,710 per year.  Senior-level prosthetist earnings begin at $95,810. And at the top level, prosthetists can earn $124,040 per year.

Salary satisfaction of Prosthetists

CareerExplorer regularly polls millions of people to find out how happy they are with their jobs. Meanwhile, prosthetists give their careers 2.9 out of 5 stars for happiness. They rate their satisfaction with their salaries at 2.8/5. Most prosthetists are satisfied with their pay, and very few have complaints about their level of income.

How to increase prosthetist salary

Currently, there are a few effective ways to help raise the prosthetist salary level. Continue reading to get those methods in detail:

Prepare a good skillset

A set of skills is needed to succeed in both management roles and junior positions. To perform this function, a prosthetist must possess a solid grasp of the following abilities: Medical Specialty: Prosthetics, Patient and Caregiver Education, Patient Assessment, Accurate Measuring, Prosthetic Fitting, Prosthetic Design/Fabrication.

How to increase prosthetist salary
How to increase prosthetist salary

You would need to be knowledgeable about the EHR software (electronic health records). Even though this profession may require a variety of talents, if you excel in those areas, some employers are willing to pay you more.

Move to another state to work

As you know, there are states offering higher salaries for prosthetists. You can think of moving to another state to work. Explore the hiring jobs in that state and don’t forget to update the requirements about state license, education, and more.

Take more courses and earn extra certifications

Most prosthetists earn a master’s degree in orthotics and prosthetics from a college or university recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) or a foreign degree deemed by the World Education Service. To stand out, you should pursue additional certifications. For example, join Specialized Courses in Prosthetics and Orthotics from Human Study.

Final thoughts

Overall, the prosthetist salary is quite good, though it’s not the highest paying job in the field. It is also a good job to pursue when you can improve people’s lives, innovate new medical technologies, and have a positive career outlook. You still have chances to increase your income. Find prosthetist job opportunities with Carehealthjobs.