Medical Science Liaison Pharmacist: Job Description and How to Become One

Medical Science Liaison Pharmacist
Medical Science Liaison Pharmacist

For anyone who is unclear about what a medical science liaison pharmacist does, this blog is for you. Understanding clearly the job can help you make the right career decision. Can MSL pharmacist be a good job to pursue? Let’s dive in.

What is an MSL pharmacist?

MLSs are biomedical experts who are in charge of managing the scientific components of a product, such as medication, tests, or medical equipment. Most pharmacists in the medical industry can consider becoming an MSL. Because their work is normally related to the role and duties of MSLs including research and development, all phases of drug product development, all phases of clinical trials research, drug information, quality control, marketing and sales, and health policy. After the transition, they are entitled to MSL pharmacists.

What are the duties of an MLS pharmacist?

The role and duties of an MLS pharmacist vary from company to company. But the listing duties below can help you have a closer look at what an MLS pharmacist does on a daily basis. Normally, the MLS pharmacists are responsible for:

  • Providing medical information to internal teams, clinical providers, and external parties (like sales and marketing).
  •  Educating the sales and marketing departments about the pharmacological aspects·
  • Consulting with manufacturers, doctors, and other important opinion leaders (KOL)
  • Doing clinical practices and trends analysis.
  • Facilitating advisory boards
  • Keeping an eye on new discoveries in the scientific literature
What are the duties of an MLS pharmacist?
What are the duties of an MLS pharmacist?

MSL pharmacists are key communicators, who are responsible for educating relevant parties on using a biomedical product including health care professionals, regional sales personnel, and KOLs. All relevant parties are important for the safe and utilization of a medical product and product development.

Some people mistake that MSLs belong to the sales and marketing team. Although MSLs usually work with marketing and salesman, it is not true. Their role is to deliver accurate and consistent messages and information about medical products.  They need to be fully aware of the entire clinical research process, from product creation to clinical trials to approval. 

MSL working condition

As an MSL pharmacist, you can work for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and managed care companies. Most MSL pharmacists usually have business meetings and trips due to the nature of their work. They are responsible for training for a specific geographic area. On Reddit, some people comment this is an insecure job. So before applying for this position, make sure that you are happy and ready for lots of travel.

How to become an MSL pharmacist?

In the analysis below, we will introduce the effective ways to help you become an MSL pharmacist:

Education requirements

Although it is challenging, MSL pharmacist is still an exciting and rewarding job. Any pharmacist who is expertise in pharmacotherapy, communication strategies, and health care logistics can enroll for an MLS position in a company.

How to become an MSL pharmacist?
How to become an MSL pharmacist?

To become an MLS, they have to meet some specific requirements:

  • Undergoing intensive extensive pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutic training of all healthcare professions.
  •  Seeking further training and specialization through residencies and fellowship (optional).
  •  Having at least 2 to 3 years of clinical experience to qualify for medical science liaison jobs.

Undergraduate degrees including biochemistry, biological sciences, chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, medicine, and engineering are accepted when you apply for an MSL position.

Required skills

A solid scientific foundation is required for anyone entering this career. Besides, strong communication, integrity, flexibility, adaptability, listening skills, and emotional intelligence are additional requirements for a successful MSL pharmacist.

To ensure that everyone in the organization is aware of their roles and obligations, a medical science liaison pharmacist must be able to communicate effectively with all levels of management.


If you haven’t decided which route to go after college med, pharmacy, or dental, becoming an MSL can be possible. It is a cool job because you will meet a lot of people, even famous people like KOLs. You work with nurses, doctors, and the sales and marketing team to deliver important, accurate, concise information about a medical product or test.  A day with an MSL won’t be boring because they have both internal and external activities.

But if you prefer a job, which allows you to stay all the time in the lab or office, MLS won’t be a fit. Don’t forget that Carehealthjob has complied MLS pharmacist jobs for you. Apply for a suitable one.