Mammography Technologist: Responsibilities, Skills and Qualifications

Mammography Technologist
Mammography Technologist

Radiologists, especially Mammography Technologists are in great demand in the medical field. Even though they work business hours, the salary pay is still highly competitive, with paid time off, shift differential pays and holidays per year. The importance of Mammography Technologist is increasing, and here is the ultimate guide to this profession.

What does a Mammography Technologist do?

Mammography Technologists are operators in the imaging unit, specialize in producing images of the breasts for diagnostic purposes, usually per request of a physician or doctor. They will be in charge of explaining the process, positioning the patients to produce the best images. This involves constant monitoring of the machine and video display of the area being scanned, as well as adjusting the density or contrast. Mammography Technologists also evaluate and give reports on the film or image, determining if they are satisfactory for the diagnostic purpose, discussing with physicians on the results. Since they are working with radiation, Mammography Technologists have to ensure that safety measures and protection devices are established at all times, and at the same time shield patients from harmful effects.

Mammography Technologist Duties

Mammography Technologist carries quite a lot of responsibilities in the imaging unit, their duties include:

  • Help patients with their medical forms, confirming identification, checking for special instructions and reviewing anticipated service with patients
  • Guide patients through each step, explain the procedures, answering questions and ease any anxieties
  • Conduct mammography study, positioning samples, adjusting the compression mechanisms, instructing patients to hold breath, adjusting equipment controls to set exposure factors
  • Operate equipment for the best imaging results, prepare the room for the following appointment
  • Minimize radiation affecting patients and staff by establishing protection techniques, developing mammograms, observing results, determining adjustments, retaking mammograms if required and forward the completed studies to a radiologist for interpretation
Mammography Technologist Duties
Mammography Technologist Duties
  • Ensure operation of mammography is efficient and running smoothly, maintain the standard quality, troubleshoot malfunctions, call for repairs and maintain equipment inventories
  • Place orders, collect and process laundry, make sure the room is always ready
  • Enforce standards and procedure inside the operation room, maintain safe, secure, and healthy work environment
  • Complete record charting, document patient’s mammogram services
  • Update knowledge by participating in educational conferences, attending professional conventions, maintaining personal networks, and professional organizations

Education and Training Requirements

Becoming a Mammography Technologist isn’t difficult, first, you’ll have to start with a high school degree and a Bachelor’s or something of the equivalent. By obtaining an associate degree or a four-year degree in radiology, you’ll be a more appealing employee, giving you a competitive edge over other candidates. After completing these degrees, you’ll be required to acquire further training and certifications to show that you’ve had previous practices. The American Registry for Radiologic Technologists will distribute this certification, although the requirements to practice at each state can vary, most do require this to practice.

Additionally, you’ll also need to pursue continuing education or attend the workshops and seminars to remain competitive and stay up-to-date on the radiology advancements. Pursuing higher education such as bachelor’s or master’s programs can also be necessary to qualify for more advanced positions and higher pay. A satisfactory completion of formal Radiologic technology training in an AMA-approved school with Certified Radiologic Technologist (CRT) degree might be required by the employer.

Mammography Technologist Skills

Beside mastering in the educational area, a competent Mammography Technologist will need to be have these following skills, in order to smoothly carry out procedures:

  • The ability to operate sophisticated machinery and sophisticated equipment
  • A keen interest in scientific and technical skills
  • The ability to interact and communicate effectively with the injured patients
  • Consulting and reporting to other technicians and physicians
  • Ability to work efficiently in teams or alone
  • Ability to follow detailed instructions
  • Great manual dexterity and are precise, exact during any procedures
Mammography Technologist Skills
Mammography Technologist Skills

Opportunities for a Mammography Technologist

According to research, the median salary of a Mammography Technologist is at about $80,898 per year and the profession is going to experience an upward growth of 9% by 2028. Moreover, with Mammography Technology, you’ll have plenty of job opportunity to explore including:

Mammography Technologist: Working in breast interventional studies, Mammography Technologists specialized in screening and diagnosis.

Breast Ultrasound Sonographer: Obtaining quality diagnostic breast images using ultrasound technology, working directly with both patients and technicians. These sonographer positions are going to experience a growth of 14 percent by 2030.


Mammography Technologists’ workplace is typically the hospital or the imaging clinics and since this position involves taking biopsies, blood might be involved. The radiologic field is booming for the next 10 years, so if you’re still wondering which medical field would benefit you most, why not try out these Mammography jobs. Besides, take a look into the Radiologic Technologist career, and see if it’s a match for you.