How Much Does a Medical Administrative Assistant Make? [Job Salary 2022]

How Much Does a Medical Administrative Assistant Make?
How Much Does a Medical Administrative Assistant Make?

Medical administrative assistant is a rewarding job that doesn’t require 4 years of education to apply for. Can this job satisfy your expectations in terms of salary? How much does a medical administrative assistant make? You will have your own answer from the following post.

Average Salary of a medical administrative assistant

According to a BLS report in 2021, the average number of medical assistants’ salaries is $37,190 per year or $17.88 per hour.

According to what Ziprecruiter is seeing, a medical administrative assistant earns $37,166 a year on average at the entry-level. Over time, medical administrative assistants can earn up to $53,500 per year. This implies there are opportunities to advance your career.

The statistics of Ziprecruiter are similar to the average number of medical assistants’ salaries from BLS.

Average Salary of a medical administrative assistant
Average Salary of a medical administrative assistant

In comparison with other medical jobs, of course, medical administrative assistants’ salaries are not as high as other intensive medical jobs like nurses and physicians. The pay is increased based on your skill level, location, and years of experience.

In comparison with other administrative jobs, the salary of a medical administrative assistant is equivalent to the salary of an administrative coordinator management assistant ($38,497), and business assistant ($37,605). However, it can’t compete with the salary of equity analysts ($84.467), and senior administrative assistants ($77,500).

What makes medical administrative assistant salaries different?

The range of medical administrative assistant salary is $20,500 – $53,500, as what ZipRecruiter is seeing. That means there are chances for medical administrative assistants to advance their careers and get paid higher. Below are several factors and ideas that help to increase their salary.

Years of experience

According to a report by The American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), medical assistants with zero to two years of experience earn between $25,864 and $33,265. So, at the starting level, the salary for a medical administrative assistant is not high, usually less than $36,780 per year. 

With added years of experience, the salary increases. At the mid-level, medical administrative assistant earnings begin at $47,000 per year. Even they can earn $60,920 per year at the top level.


The salary of any job varies by state. The top states that offer high pay for medical administrative assistants are Washington, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia. medical administrative assistants can’t expect high pay in Puerto Rico, Guam, or Mississippi.

Healthcare settings

Even the salary of medical administrative assistants varies in healthcare settings. According to the BLS, medical assistants are offered the highest compensation in outpatient care centers ($35,336). Hospitals ($35,072) and physician offices ($33,510) are followed.  This implies that medical administrative assistants were to find jobs that offer high pay.


Not all states required medical administrative assistants to obtain a certification. But more and more employers are making it mandatory. Because of the unwanted issues caused by non-certified staff, demand for certified staff from managed care companies increases.

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant
Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

It is advisable to obtain a post-secondary degree or certificate, then apply for certification through an organization like the AAMA before beginning your career. Keep in mind that Certified Medical administrative Assistants typically make higher money and have more chances to climb to a higher position.  It’s possible for them to switch from medical to non-medical fields.

Salary satisfaction

Careerexplore has helped us to do a survey to answer a question: Are medical administrative assistants happy with their salary? Medical administrative assistants only rated their satisfaction with their salaries at 2.8/5. Few medical administrative assistants report asked are satisfied with their salary. And they frequently express considerable dissatisfaction with it.

Making up for this, most of them agree that the working environment is enjoyable and their personalities suit everyday tasks as medical administrative assistants.


If salary is not the only factor you consider when it comes to career path, I believe this is a good job to pursue. You can help patients, doctors, nurses, and everything in a healthcare setting go smoothly. Become a medical administrative assistant and contribute to health care when you’re ready.