ER Nursing: The Pros and Cons

ER Nursing: The Pros and Cons
ER Nursing: The Pros and Cons

ER Nursing is one of the most exciting expertise in the medical field. It requires a certain personality and high adaptability. Although working in a doctor’s office or an intensive care unit (ICU), as an ER nurse, you will want to know the primary advantages and disadvantages of this job. This post will give you a better look at what you can expect when pursuing this career.

Pros of ER Nursing

1. Experience

In the emergency room, you will reach a variety of illnesses and conditions. As an ER nurse, you need to triage patients and determine people who have the most life-threatening injuries or urgent problems. Then taking a lot of insight and experience in all kinds of conditions is one of the advantages of this job.


On a day of ER nurses, you also have to treat patients’ conditions such as alcohol poisoning, severe burns, seizures, heart attack symptoms, and more. By processing these cases, you can have a learning opportunity to learn more about diseases and ailments.

Therefore, working as emergency room nurses can enjoy lots of invaluable experience.

2. Super Rewarding

ER nurses are selfless people although they need to enjoy mentally and physically “taxing”. They have a long day to serve different patients who may be irritable or tough to deal with. In these cases, ER nurses need to know how to maintain them and improve their quality of life or save their life. This kind of achievement is a “Super Rewarding” staying with you. 

3. An Important Part of Team

An ER nurse will work with a team including nurses, physicians, doctors, technicians, ambulance drivers, and surgeons. You need teamwork and collaboration for providing the best care for patients. You will never face performing individually when treating patients. With the support of your teams, you can deliver specialist care and quick service to patients.

4. Less Paperwork and More Autonomy

Tired of paperwork and writing patient reports, ER nursing will be a “fresh” career path for you. Due to the nature of this job, you won’t have enough time to do that because you need more time to take care of patients. ER nursing also tends to have more autonomy in particular patient needs such as check vitals, administer some shots, or draw blood.

Cons of ER Nursing

1. Workload

Working in a fast-paced environment, ER nurses need to interact with multiple people at the same time, which is tiresome. Nurses in other departments such as pediatrics or oncology have more downtime than ER nurses. ER nurses also rarely slow down and exactly schedule how many patients are visiting each day. ER Nursing can start to lead to nurse burnout if they don’t have a good physical.


2. Extra Certifications

Being an ER nurse isn’t an easy process because of some reasons

  • Before becoming an ER nurse, you need to first obtain a nursing degree.
  • Need to experience more on-the-job training.
  • Take extra certifications like CPEN (Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse) or CTRN (Certified Transport Registered Nurse).
  • This is better preparation for this job and to make it more competitive and attractive to employers.

3. Overwhelming Stress

The urgent patients and situations in the emergency room cause an emotional toll and burden too much for you to handle. ER nurses can interact with severe medical cases such as abdominal pain, headaches, abused people, deliberately hurt children, even patients who have tried suicide. 

Overwhelming Stress
Overwhelming Stress

Therefore, ER nursing always keeps cool and calm to process patients and their families. Your colleagues also help you to deal with the daily stresses.

4. Time Pressures

Regularly checking on your patients is the main duty when becoming an ER nurse. You need to restock supplies and medications and determine patients who need to take scans or other tests. You can’t waste time finding other nurses to ask for a diagnosis. Under time pressures, you must have the knowledge and expertise to obtain suitable solutions.


Is Emergency Nursing Right For You? (Emergency Nursing: Is This Career Right For You?) This is a common question for medical students when deciding a career path for their future. Emergency Nursing is a potential job but it also comes with lots of challenges. So taking a strong foundation is a great way to get success in this field.