9 Pros and Cons of Being a Hospital Corpsman You Should Know

9 Pros and Cons of Being a Hospital Corpsman You Should Know
9 Pros and Cons of Being a Hospital Corpsman You Should Know

Working for the US Navy sounds interesting. However, there are hidden cons that you don’t know. This article helps you understand what you will receive and what challenges you have to face when you work as a hospital corpsman. 

Pros of being a hospital corpsman

As you pursue the career as a hospital corpsman, you can receive the following benefits:

Financial security

Working for the military is great if you want to find a job with a stable income. The pay scale is based on the rank and the length of time you are in service. There may also be provided additional financial incentives, such as skill-based or retention bonuses and hazardous duty compensation. The military swears to pay its employees twice a month starting on the day of enlisting.

Opportunities to travel around the world

Working for the US Navy is one of the best ways to see the world with getting paid. During your service time, you have a chance to deploy at least one time on a ship. The ship stops at several ports during its deployment. At each port, the Navy has tours and cultural excursions to help employees make the most of opportunities.

Free healthcare

While the cost of medical care is nonstop rising, fee healthcare is one of the best benefits that the Navy offers to its members and employees. Free healthcare is available to service members for both themselves and their family members on their records.

Free healthcare
Free healthcare

This covers every aspect, from regular check-ups and physicals to hospital visits. There is a plan available that allows patients to pick their own doctor and pay a minimal co-pay for care from civilian providers.

Tax-Free Shopping

All service members have access to the Navy Exchange, which functions as a mall, and the Commissary, which serves as a food store, where they can shop tax-free.

These shops regularly provide exclusive military discounts to their customers.

Additionally, the Commissary receives subsidies to help keep prices low, particularly in places with high costs of living and abroad.

Retirement benefits

The Navy still offers one of the strongest retirement schemes available, despite the fact that very few businesses are able to give pensions nowadays. If you complete 20 years of active service, you are able to receive 50% of their monthly base pay as well as healthcare benefits in your retirement. 

Cons of working as a hospital corpsman

Behind the pros of being a hospital corpsman, there are some hidden cons. What are they? Find out in this part.

Low paying

Though the average pay for hospital corpsmen is higher than several similar jobs, you may see the actual compensation can be less than some other jobs with similar requirements and working hours out in the civilian sector.

Check less stressful nursing jobs with attractive salaries.

A commitment to a minimum service obligation

The Navy is not for you if you want to try and have the opportunity to leave. When you enlist in the Navy or are commissioned as an officer, you agree to a minimum period of duty. Depending on the amount of training the Navy gives, these responsibilities are typically 4 years or longer.

Extreme working environment

Some people say that the workplaces of the Navy are never dull, whether it is due to long hours or dangerous geographic locations.

Extreme working environment
Extreme working environment

However, you might want to think twice about a career in the military if you are incapable or unwilling to work in difficult circumstances.

When the circumstances could be deemed unsafe or unusually dangerous, special pay may occasionally be approved.

Required discipline

The Uniform Code of Military Justice has precise laws and rules that all military personnel must follow. If you don’t, you risk getting fired, losing your rank, or even going to jail.

If you rebel against authority, you will find it difficult to be disciplined and obey commands.


Before signing an enlistment contract, it’s important to assess the advantages and disadvantages. The Navy is the perfect place to work if you want a career that is focused on something greater than just yourself.