7 Signs Emergency Physician Is The Job You’re Looking For

The emergency room is the first line of defense against any injuries and has to deal with all kinds of wounds, from major to minor. The job of an emergency physician is crucial and always in demand. Do you have what it takes to be one of them?

Emergency Physician
Emergency Physician

What is emergency physician

Emergency Medicine (EM) is a field where there are patients with emergent medical and surgical problems. Emergency Physicians (EP) will then diagnose almost instantly, and carry out life-saving procedures even before the ordered tests are completed. Mostly, the patient’s symptoms are all acute, and require immediate care and the illness can be from many fields, therefore an EP must have a general knowledge of each.

Why Emergency Physician is for you

1. You have great composure

In contrast to the hectic emergency room routine, a certain calmness is vital. If you are a person of great composure, then you’d be great in the ER. One minute you are sending a patient home after bandaging a patient with a minor scratch, the next you’ll be performing endotracheal intubation procedures. Along with that, you’ll have to counsel families and still maintain good bedside manner. But for a person with a fine level of composure, compartmentalizing isn’t difficult and for a matter of fact, would thrive in EM.

You have great composure
You have great composure

2. Multitasking

Multitasking isn’t natural for everyone, but if you are, then you’re at a huge advantage. A busy ER can have more than 10 patients at once, with different needs to tend and it is critical that an EP can handle and resolve tasks simultaneously, prioritize patients and treat them accordingly.

3. Attention to detail

Though it is vital that an EP needs to quickly give appropriate care to patients, it is equally important to be detail-oriented. When checking patients history, especially for arriving patients, being thorough can save up a lot of time diagnosing, which can shorten the time tending to patients, in turn save even more lives.

4. Problem solving

If you are someone who loves to solve problems, then you’re perfect to be an EP. It is undeniable that everything that arises in the ER are problems centric, and finding the solution to that would be of an EP. Even a simple cough or bleeding could come from 100 illnesses, and it is up to an EP to figure out that problem using their clinical knowledge and tests.

 Problem solving
Problem solving

5. Decisive

Being indecisive won’t help when you’re in the ER, everything needs to be resolved quickly and tend to carefully, and with every second you hesitate, a patient might lose their chance to fight. So being decisive when facing problems, adamant on what needs to be done is a valuable personality trait that will come in handy when saving emergent cases.

6. Team player

Note that though the ER is pretty hectic at times, the physician and staff are still cooperating smoothly. Procedures still need to be carried out so divide and conquer is usually an efficient method among EPs, but sometimes an entire team needs to work together to maximize the care for an acute patient.

To keep everything up and running, EPs not only have to know their position and do it well, they need to know when to consult others or transfer patients to another department for exams, and in order to do this, they need to know how to coordinate as a team.

7. Fixed schedule

So you’ve heard that doctors work around the clock non-stop? Not as an EP. Your time at the ER will be divided into shifts, and you will be able to align it to your lifestyle and preference. 

Normally, an EP will have a typical schedule of three to five shifts per week, ranging from eight to 12 hours each, and the fact that you know when you’re coming for work and able to leave for home is both soothing and motivating.


EP is a popular career choice among medical students to gain more experience, get hands-on contact with patients and have a huge future career scope like anaesthesiologist assistant, but not everyone can be an EP. So if you have all of the above, or would like to see if you’ve got what it takes, why not try it out?