5 Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs For An Alternative Nursing Profession

5 Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs For An Alternative Nursing Profession
5 Non-Bedside Nursing Jobs For An Alternative Nursing Profession

Nursing is an extremely rewarding and fruitful profession, yet, not many are interested in working at a bedside, catering to patients. Then how about exploring these non-bedside nursing jobs? This blog will provide you with the information on these 5 professions, their overview, their potential, needed skills and requirements, so read on to find out more.

What Is Non-Bedside Nursing?

There is more to this nursing profession. Non-bedside nursing jobs are also crucial figures, serving as a link between nursing and physicians. Nurses working in this field can choose to either educate, pass on their knowledge to other aspiring nurses, or perform various tasks in the industry. Simply put, you’ll be carrying out either administrative tasks, or using the knowledge you’ve possesed to aid others.

Professions for Non-Bedside Nursing Career

1. Healthcare Consultant

In the ever-evolving pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their efficacy. Therefore, Healthcare Consultants are always in demand. You can choose to work independently, or in a company, and whichever option would be a great choice. Healthcare Consultant tasks include:

  • Providing medical insights, advising about products efficiency and information they provide
  • Assisting in developing medical strategies for either pharmaceutical firms
  • Consulting professionals on their career and other related matters

Average salary: $78,000 per year

2. Medical & Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

With previous experience as a nurse, you’ll be playing an important role as a medical and pharmaceutical sales representative. Moreover, it is likely that you’re familiar with the role too. You’ll be working with the supplements and medical devices that you’ve been using. Medical device and pharmaceutical sales reps sell medical products to organizations and facilities as well as provide any necessary information on how to operate and maintain the equipment and products. RN sales reps can work in various settings, selling supplies for dental offices, home infusion or hospice care facilities.

Average salary: $143,000 per year

Medical & Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Medical & Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

3. Nursing Instructor

Working as a nursing instructor, you will be educating the future generation of nurses and passing on the knowledge you’re gained. Training aspiring nurses from lab practicum to clinical skills, prepares them for the difficult situations they might face. The best thing about this career is, you’ll be seeing your students achieve great things, then helping many other people in need. You can set the teaching schedule in accordance with your other jobs, working either full time, or part time depending on your preference.

Average salary: $74,000 per year

4. Chart Reviewer

Chart review nurse, or utilization review nurse will focus on the quality assurance for patients. You’ll be in charge of reviewing patient’s charts, assess and analyze the appropriate nursing care and notify the in charge medical staff immediately for support and perform intervention procedures. The patient’s medical records will also be upkeep by a Chart Reviewer and recommend improvements if necessary.  

Average salary: $50,000- $76,000 per year

Chart Reviewer
Chart Reviewer

5. Health Informatics Nurse

Health Informatics Nurses are someone who will be working on technology platforms in the medical field, transforming the equipment and pioneering the diagnosing and treatment technique. You will be developing, maintaining or trouble-shooting the equipment or training technicians on how to use them. Occasionally, a Health Informatics Nurse will also be working with the system’s data, analysing them and helping physicians devise treatment plans. With further training and education, you can follow this path to become a successful Health Informatics Manager.

Average salary: $65,000 per year

Career Prospect for Non-Bedside Nurses

This non-bedside nurse profession requires no formal degree or further certification except the nursing license. Though, to become successful and have bigger opportunities, having some years of experience is required. Additionally, earning also varies depending on the profession and level of expertise, but the range of $65,000 – $143,000 is quite a lot compared to many other medical fields.


In the nursing profession, there are many alternatives to what you do. If you’re a new nurse graduate and still yet figuring out the options, there are more than 1 things you can do. These non-bedside nursing jobs can not only bring you an endless amount of great opportunities, but also give you a chance to contribute massively to the medical field while doing what you love.