4 Qualities That Make A Great Pharmacy Technician

Having the right skill set for the job is essential to ensure the best performance at work. If you are interested in becoming a pharmacy technician, check out if these top 4 qualities of a great pharmacy technician match you.

4 Qualities That Make A Great Pharmacy Technician
4 Qualities That Make A Great Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician is a connection between pharmacists and patients. Their main duties are to manage stock, locate, dispense, pack, and label a prescribed medication for a patient.

If you want to enter the medical field but can’t bear bloody scenarios, pharmacy technician jobs are worth considering. It is among hot medical careers that don’t involve blood which have increasing demand and offer satisfying benefits.

An Aptitude for Math and Technology

To successfully deliver the role of a pharmacy technician, there’s no need to be exceptional in math or technology. However, you do need to be comfortable working with numbers. In any pharmacy technician training program, you’re required to complete Pharmaceutical calculations classes. The coursework will give you all the applied mathematics skills you need to pursue pharmacy technician jobs. 

Also, pharmacy technicians’ daily tasks include working with various computer software programs to track prescriptions, payments, and customer records. Thus, you should enjoy learning, using, and be updated with new software programs. 

Detail-oriented mindset

Detail-oriented means being able to pay close attention to and notice even minor details. detail-oriented people have undivided attention which gives them the ability to quickly see even the smallest changes and errors before others.

Detail-oriented mindset
Detail-oriented mindset

This trait is critical when performing pharmacy technician jobs as it helps ensure the safety of customers. When filling prescriptions or compounding medications, every detail is essential or it could be dangerous if you give a patient the wrong medication or wrong dosage.

Additionally, today’s pharmacy technicians also involve filing, entering data, or making records of inventory in the medical system. This is required by law and must be precise to every detail.

Great Customer Service Skills

Pharmacy technicians are the first point of contact for customers – they spend most of their time processing prescriptions, handling payments,s and dealing with customers. Hence, great customer service skills are necessary. 

You should be able to listen to and understand customers’ needs or concerns, maintain a helpful attitude at all times when working as a pharmacy tech. Always offer service with a smile, be patient, compassionate, and empathetic as that will comfort a person who is in pain or struggling with the illness of a loved one.

Good Judgement 

Having good judgment helps pharmacy technicians to successfully complete their job. Besides providing service to customers, they also have to organize inventory, maintain electronic records, and restock supplies, so, the ability to judge, prioritize and organize tasks are of great importance. 

With good judgement comes better decisions made in various difficult situations. This quality allows them to determine the exact time for and amount of new inventory needed so that patients always have what they need on time. It also helps them determine what information needed to fill prescriptions and whether the patient should speak to a pharmacist about their situations. 


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of pharmacy technicians is expected to grow 4 percent in the next decade, as fast as the average for all occupations. This makes pharmacy technician jobs more demanding. If you want to develop your career path in this area, equip yourself with these 4 must-have qualities to be a great pharmacy tech.